Golden Retriever Inter-Club Working Tests Report

On Sunday 9th July 2023 the Society was privileged and proud to host the 2023 Golden Retriever Inter-Club Working Tests at Randolphs Farm, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex. Judges were Di Stevens, Robert Worrall, Kim Jinks, James Bailey, Chris Marshall and David Breach. We are indebted to all the helpers, dummy throwers, placers, stewards and scorer. Thanks must also go to our generous sponsors Skinners, Acme Whistles, Gamekeeper Goods, JTAC K9, The caterer for the event was “The Paella Pan” who made a couple of delicious big pan traditional Paella, everyone was also treated to Strawberries and Cream.


1st and winning the Pinecrest Trophy was The Midland GRC.

Lucy Mixture running Rolhaygarth Aira at Kaliture (Novice.)

Sally Richardson running Timothy Plum at Hartley Jean (Open.)

Laurie Pittaway running Crystalstream Raffles (Novice.)

Jill Gardner running Polihale Tikka of Foxcote (Open.)


2nd were Eastern Counties GRC.

Edith Kreutner running Auchenclach Fable (Novice.)

Jacqui Crew running Hanans Kertis (Open.)

Ian Baker running Callanway Claccan of Maddouse (Novice.)

Shaun Baker running Tawnyhill Iwan (Open.)


3rd Northern Golden

Retriever Association.

Anne Crookes running Moscargrange Elijah (Novice)

Gary Collier running Goosetree Shooting Star (Open.)

Dave Haycock running Montoux’s Cecil (Novice.)

Karis Bakewell running Lanlwyd Morretti (Open.)


4th GRC Northumbria.

Nathan Laffy running

Think Twice Viking at Grovery (Novice)

Fay Drewry running Think Twice One Shot (Open.)

Laura Lazzaretto running Think Twice Urban Cowboy (Novice)

Pieter Vivijs running Think Twice One Man Show (Open.)


Top Novice and Top Overall dog was Laurie Pittaway running Crystalstream Raffles.


Top Open dog was Adrian Phillips running Castlemans Soul Man for GRCScotland.


The Cannon Cup was awarded to Nathan Laffy running Think Twice Viking at Grovery for youngest dog in the awards.


Photo shows the winning team