Agility Results 2009

Southern Golden Retriever Society Results



Judge: Barrie Harvey

24th October 2009

Class 1 Special Agility

1st E  Pope  Torbreeze Take That to Chilzer

2nd  C  Holmes  Campresse Weymouth Wonder 

3rd S  Gale Princess Perfect  

4th P  Robinson Charlie’s Angel Girl 

5th C  Burgess LadyCarys 

6th E  Pope  Chilzer Chat- Me- Up 

Class 2  Special Watson & Holmes Agility Stakes

1st A  Smith Oriule Trumpcard 

2nd  S  Gale Princess Perfect

3rd T  Gillard  Enchanters Nightshade

4th V  Marsh  Goldsmill Relight My Fire 

5th H  Proctor  Orrest Music 

6th A  Smith Hanans Karv-a  

Class 3 Special Jumping

1st C  Holmes  Campresse Weymouth Wonder 

2nd  A  Smith Oriule Trumpcard 

3rd E  Pope  Chilzer Chat- Me- Up 

4th V  Marsh  Chilzer Davy Jones

5th J  Harvey Chilzer Celtic Moon

6th S  Gale  Princess Perfect 

Class 4 Special Veteran Jumping

1st M  Lovell Magicwood Shelley Rose 

2nd  P  Payton  Kidston Halyard A W

3rd M  Lynskey Digoldsby Diamond Edge 

4th M  Smith Napoleon Boy 

Class 5 Special Helter Skelter

1st A  Smith  Hanans Karv-a

2nd  A  Smith  Oriule Trumpcard 

3rd E  Pope Chilzer Chat-Me-Up

4th T  Gillard Enchanters Nightshade

5th L  Lesiene Chiltzer Penelope Pitstop 

6th S  Gale  Princess Perfect  

Class 6 Special Veteran Helter Skelter

1st M  Lovell  Magicwood Shelley Rose

2nd  M  Lynskey  Digoldsby Diamond Edge

3rd P  Payton Kidston Halyard AW