Agility Results 2017

Southern Golden Retriever Society Results


Judge: Owen Edwards

Class 1A 55cms Special Agility

1st Mr J. Grzenkowicz            Redrift Oh La La        
2nd Mr M. Price         Langsett Sea Jewel   
3rd Mrs J. Willcox      Eclipse Jasper

Class 1B 45cms Special Agility

1st    Mrs J. Willcox    Procastar Samuel Junior      
2nd   Mrs K. Menter  Maluraya McDuff at Petabeck        

Class 2A 55cms Special Watson & Holmes Memorial Agility Stakes

1st  Mrs S. Hinch  Barley Boy
2nd   Mrs. J Wilcox   Eclipse Jasper

Class 2B 45cms Special Watson & Holmes Memorial Agility Stakes

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1st Mrs K. Abbey       Lestorm Alberich      
2nd Mrs K. Menter    Maluraya McDuff at Petabeck        
3rd Mrs S. Ashley       Maluraya MiltonDuff  at Petabeck 
4th Mrs J. Willcox      Procastar Samuel Junior

Class 3A 55cms Special Jumping

1st   Mr J. Grzenkowicz          Redrift Oh La La        
2nd   Mrs J. Bulford                 Archibald Golden Boy        
3rd   Mrs J. Willcox                  Eclipse Jasper          
4th   Mrs S. Hinch                    Barley Boy   
5th   Mr M. Price                     Langsett Sea Jewel  

Class 3B 45cms Special Jumping

1st    Mrs J. Willcox    Procastar Samuel Junior      
2nd   Mrs J. Bulford   Emerald Mill  
3rd    Mrs A. Hamlin  Kennelridge The Pye

4A 55cms Special All Heights Helter Skelter

1st    Mrs S. Hinch      Barley Boy     
2nd   Mrs J. Willcox   Eclipse Jasper

Class 4B 45cms Special All Heights Helter Skelter

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1st    Mrs A. Hamlin   Kennelridge The Pye
2nd   Mrs K. Menter  Maluraya McDuff at Petabeck        
3rd   Miss R Cann       Fleur’s Bonkers Bailey          

Class 5A 55cms Special All Heights 7 Yrs Upwards    

1st   Mrs J. Bulford           Archibald Golden Boy  
2nd  Mr J. Grzenkowicz Redrift Oh La La               
3rd  Mr M. Price               Langsett Sea Jewel        

Class 5B 45cms Special All Heights Veteran

1st   Mrs J. Willcox     Procastar Samuel Junior      
2nd   Mrs J. Bulford   Emerald Mill  
3rd   Mrs S. Hinch      Cupids Harvey           
4th   Mrs K. Menter   Maluraya McDuff at Petabeck        
5th  Mrs S. Ashley      Maluraya MiltonDuff at Petabeck  
6th  Mrs K. Abbey      Lestorm Alberich      

Class 6 Special Fun Pairs

1st          Mr J. Grzenkowicz   Redrift Oh La La        
                Mrs K. Menter        Maluraya McDuff at Petabeck        
2nd         Miss R Cann Fleur’s Bonkers Bailey          
                Mrs J. Willcox         Eclipse Jasper
3rd        Mrs A. Hamlin          Kennelridge The Pye
               Mrs J. Willcox          Eclipse Jasper
4th          Mr M. Price               Langsett Sea Jewel  
               Mrs S. Price              Procastar Samuel Junior 
5th          Mrs S. Hinch              Barley Boy    
               Mrs J. Bulford          Archibald Golden Boy