Championship Show 1/3/1986

Dogs: Mr T Theed (Squirrelsmead)

Bitches: Mrs C Zingg (Rayleas)

Referee: Mrs O Hickmott

BIS: Scholes’ Ch Styal Scott of Glengilde

DCC: Scholes’ Ch Styal Scott of Glengilde

RDCC: Cowen’s Gatchells Sky at Night

BCC: Falconer’s Westley Felicia of Siatham

RBCC: Edwards’Ch Sansue Pepper of Lovehayne

Veteran Dog (5,2a)

1st Pounds’ Ch Scotangus of Mossburn

2nd Ogg & Plant’sSernvyl Johnathan

3rd Pratt’sHoneycombe San Sebastion

Minor Puppy Dog (13,’a)

1st Bradbury’s Cosmo of Nortonwood

2nd Bennett’s Goronne Burlington Bertie

3rd Tyler’sTilita Golden Oriole

Res Anderson’s Linchael Alliance

Vhc Armitage’s Alandale Alexander

Puppy Dog (22,’a)

1st Staples’Janward Entertainer

2nd Young’sSansue Royal Flush Of Pyngold

3rd Willis’Winterknoll Corylus

Res Shepard’s Canossa Chauvinist of Glenhaven

Vhc McKenna’s Marresa Galiant Boy

Junior Dog (25,’a)

1st Rains’Siatham Vintage

2nd Staples’Janward Entertainer

3rd Burdick’sLangsett Royal Mint

Res Arnold’s Amberland Sky-Hi

Vhc Wilson’s Dabess Zhivago

Special Yearling Dog (30,’a)

1st Hathaway’s Melfricka Zed

2nd Philpott’sWestley Jacob

3rd Hennessy’sRitzilyn Sun Dance

Res Griffin’s Seasons In the Sun

Vhc Jones’ Ninell Rambruen

Maiden Dog (21,’a)

1stGell’s Leithfield Alexander

2nd Rains’Siatham Vintage

3rd Carpenter’sSootek Freeman

Res Southwell’s Denerose Ralle

Vhc Orchard’s Siatham Voyager

Novice Dog (20,’a)

1st Rains’Siatham Vintage

2nd Clark’sDarris Destiny

3rd Carpenter’sSootek Freeman

Res Bellarby’s Barcamino Endeavour

Vhc Butterworth’s Rondo Scherzando

Undergraduate Dog (28,’a)

1st Hennessy’sRitzilyn Sun Dance

2nd Griffin’sSeasons In the Sun

3rd Skinner’sMelfricka Wassailer of Saintcloud

Res Hutchings’ Sansue Mascot of Canossa

Vhc Woolcott’s Seruilia Sebastian

Graduate Dog (13,’a)

1st Baldwin’s Alsander Lad of Gillbryan

2nd Bradbury’s Nortonwood Silvanus

3rd Axe’sTugwood Pirate

Res Davis’ Bailey of Lonelinar

Vhc Goode’s Durwent George

Post Graduate Dog (21,’a)

1st Cowen’s Gatchells Sky at Night

2nd Graham’sTonara Rainbeau of Roscraddoc

3rd Bowden’sGyrima Nimrod

Res Bevis’ Starlance Laurel

Vhc Newark’s Hindringham Home Rule For Chaffron

Limit Dog (22,’a)

1st Woods’ Janacre Hogan

2nd Philpott’sWestley Samuel

3rd Birkin’sSansue Golden Ruler

Res Everett-Monks’ Lorinford Lancelot

Vhc Yuck’s Gwelo Sinbad of Tamsbrook

Open Dog (6,’a)

1st Scholes’Ch Styal Scott of Glengilde

2nd Gray’s Ch Darris Double Diamond

3rd Tudor’sNoravon Troilus of Camrose

Res Everett-Monks’ Fourwinds Bossanova of Lorinford

Field Trial Dog (2,1a)

1st Melville’s Crouchers Angus

Veteran Bitch (9,’a)

1st Morris’Sandusky Anouska

2nd Bevis’Deerflite Fame of Starlance

3rd Falconer’sCarthew Misty Morn of Siatham

Res Day’s Pamber Andromeda

Vhc Jones’ Ninell Dulcette

Minor Puppy Bitch (23,’a)

1st Ross’Rosinante Arraminta of Sokenlea

2nd Holloway’sCrouchers Lorna

3rd Cooper’sGoldsmill Pillow Talk

Res Tuck’s Tamsbrook Texas Rose

Vhc Kirby’s Rondo Fantasia

Puppy Bitch (38,’a)

1st Barrow’sGillbryan Kollete of Halebourne

2nd Crick’sBishmead Say Your’e Mine at Moorquest

3rd Tattersall’sAlveston Barbarossa

Res Balaam’s Cotefield Finesse of Pinecrest

Vhc Birkin’s Sansue Royal Flair

Junior Bitch (32,’a)

1st Barber’s Furleigh Golden Dream of Glenmoray

2nd Hinks’Styal Scottila

3rd Bevis’Starlance Moonstone Meg

Res Anderson’s Linchael Wild Silk

Vhc Tuck’s Dabess Aimee Of Tamsbrook

Special Yearling Bitch (27,’a)

1st Philpott’sWestley Julianna

2nd Kempson & Morgan’sWindrush Cassandra

3rd Hinks’Styal Scottila

Res Bevis’ Starlance Moonstone Meg

Vhc Barrow’s Ninell Richenda Of Halebourne

Maiden Bitch (36,’a)

1st Barber’sFurleigh Golden Dream of Glenmoray

2nd Crick’sBishmead Say Your’e Mine at Moorquest

3rd Hinks’Styal Scottila

Res Birkin’s Sansue Royal Flair

Vhc Falconer’s Siatham Virginia

Novice Bitch (36,’a)

1st Barber’s Furleigh Golden Dream of Glenmoray

2nd Smith’sSeruilia Selina

3rd Hinks’Styal Scottila

Res Barrow’s Gillbryan Kollete of Halebourne

Vhc Tuck’s Dabess Aimee Of Tamsbrook

Undergraduate Bitch (25,’a)

1st HInks’Styal Scottila

2nd Beck’sMarketsheath Cornsilk

3rd Barrow’sNinell Richenda of Halebourne

Res Austin’s Greatoaks Wanda

Vhc Anderson’s Linchael Chantilly

Graduate Bitch (16,’a)

1st Tungstall’s Absolute Heaven in Bramlyedge

2nd Hill’s Bramhills Silver Birch

3rd Randall’sTolamee Mercedes

Res Waters’ Lakelands Tallulah of Tamariss

Vhc Hird’s Linchael Mirage

Post Graduate Bitch (23,’a)

1st Wicklow’sGillbryan Madailein

2nd Hewitson’sRitzilyn Lizzy Dripping of Seruilia

3rd Page’sGaiety Girl of Lindys

Res Young’s Dabess Sharmia of Pyngold

Vhc Crick’s Moorquest Over The Moon

Limit Bitch (20,’a)

1st Falconer’sWestley Felicia of Siatham

2nd Balaam’sPinecrest Susannah

3rd James & Holmes’Elzac Amber of Beaconholm

Res Jones’ Ninell Imogen

Open Bitch (10,’a)

1st Edwards’Ch Sansue Pepper of Lovehayne

2nd Birkin’s Sansue Phoebe

3rd Baskett & Wolton’s Lark Of Lestronde

Res Hinks’ Styal Symetrya

Vhc Frankland-Burton’s Purbarn Cinderalla

Field Trial Bitch (3,1a)

1st Edwards’Ch Sansue Pepper of Lovehayne

2nd Frankland-Burton’sPurbarn Cinderella