Championship Show 4/3/1990

Dogs: Mr C Potts (Jucridor)

Bitches: Mrs M Carnie (Chebula)

Referee: Mr D Price-Harding (Deremar)

BIS: Bargh’s Ch Moonsprite Mermaid of Carasan

BOS: Jones’ Ch Ninell Rambruen

DCC: Jones’ Ch Ninell Rambruen

RDCC: Hipwood’s Franklyn Firefly

BCC: Bargh’sCh Moonsprite Mermaid of Carasan

RBCC: Balaam’s Pinecrest Marcasite

BPIS: Broadhead’sMonchique Coppermill Blue

BVIS: Woods’ Carrendo Charlotte of Janacre

Veteran Dog (5,1a)

1st Jones & Goode’sNinell Iddrasil

2nd Everett-Monks’Fourwinds Bossanova of Lorinford

3rd Holbrook’sStenbury Sea Drift

Res Lowe’s Sh Ch Verdayne Dandini of Davern

Minor Puppy Dog (16,2a)

1st Broadhead’sMonchique Coppermill Blue

2nd May’sCracksavon Charmed I’m Sure of Suregold

3rd Muncey’s Kennelridge Veni Vidi Vici

Res Murray’s Gayplume Woodland Whimsy

Vhc Pow’s Newavon Jack Frost of Hammersley

Puppy Dog (21,7a)

1st Broadhead’s Monchique Coppermill Blue

2nd Hutchings’Canossa Lucifer

3rd Melville’sCrouchers Prince

Res Harriman’s Crissianne Polar Bear

Vhc Liggins’ Sansue Vireo of Nunsbrook

Junior Dog (21, 4a)

1st Sillence’sFenwood Jagger of Canina

2nd Carder’sTilita Benedick at Timarick

3rd Dymock’sTimarick Cinnamon

Res Oakes’ Sinalea Shooting Star

Vhc Garraway’s Goldstreme Domino Dynasty

Yearling Dog (24,2a)

1st Sillence’sFenwood Jagger of Canina

2nd James’Jamescroft Midnite Chance

3rd Lowe’sDavern Quick Silver

Res Hays’ Branjoy Silva Blaze

Vhc Dymock’sTimarick Cinnamon

Maiden Dog (15,2a)

1st Harriman’sCrissianne Polar Bear

2nd Muncey’sKennelridge Veni Vidi Vici

3rd Key’sDeanwood Dylan

Res Doe’s Chaesgold Remember Me

Vhc Marshall & Rickards Tamsbrook Tribal Bronze

Novice Dog (19,5a)

1st Muncey’s Tony’s Token

2nd Harriman’sCrissianne Polar Bear

3rd Smith’sShepedor Invisible Touch

Res Marshall & Rickards Tamsbrook Trible Bronze

Vhc Williams’ Rockiani of Shandida

Undergraduate Dog (27,3a)

1st Tripptree’s Styal Starmint by Brambletyne

2nd Braislford’sNinell Xenith

3rd Pearson’sSansue Perchance of Peargold

Res Gargan’s Golmas Gioberti

Vhc Waker’s Tamsbrook Trillium

Graduate Dog (14,3a)

1st Nowell’sTokeida Starstealer

2nd Brostow’sChevanne Buttons’n Bows

3rd Hill’sBramhills King of the Castle

Res Cooper’s Soloman Tobias Christopher

Vhc Murray’s Gayplume In The Swim

Post Graduate Dog (25,.1a)

1st Hipwood’s Franklyn Firefly

2nd Taylor’sNinell Xavier at Lyscam

3rd Whitford’sSandusky Grand Duke of Bareith

Res Evertt-Monks Chevanne Free’n Easy of Lorinford

Vhc Sillence’s Darris Star Time Of Canina

Limit Dog (21,5a)

1st Broadhead’sMonchique Denbury Mint

2nd Ingram’sEdgeley Ere We Go Again

3rd James’Jamescroft Rheingold

Res Tyler’s Tilita Golden Oriole

Vhc Hills’ Bramhills Hero

Open Dog (9,3a)

1st Jones’Ch Ninell Rambruen

2nd Mjaerum’sNu Ch Mj’rumh’gda’s Crusader

3rd Tuck’sCh Gwelo Sinbad of Tamsbrook

Res Hays’ Linchael Cellini at Branjoy

Vhc Birkin’s Ch Sansue Golden Ruler

Field Trial Dog

1st Barnes’ Catcombe Cheshire at Millgreen

2nd Hargrave’s Harsett Vanguard

Veteran Bitch (8,3a)

1st Woods’ Carrendo Charlotte of Janacre

2nd Everett-Monks’ Lorinford Playgirl

3rd Gray’sVilleas Candelaria

Res Jones’ Ninell Imogen

Vhc Hill’s Villeas Muchachos

Minor Puppy Bitch (23,4a)

1st Buckingham’sLindjan Keepsake

2nd Comer’sCracksavon Just In Time

3rd Timson’sGyrima Fredrika

Res Beauchamp’s Pennie’s Worth of Bolberry

Vhc Taylor’s Pandreft Sweet Sincerity

Puppy Bitch (27,7a)

1st Nowell’sTokeida Outlaw’s Floozy

2nd Robinson’sSpring Harmony at Andred

3rd Marshall & Rickards’Meoncroft Honey Buzzard

Res Buckingham’s Lindjan Keepsake

Vhc Crick’s Morrquest Match That

Junior Bitch (34,8a)

1st Beauchamp’sMoorquest Minervois of Bolberry

2nd Sillence’sWinterknoll Genista of Canina

3rd Ballinger’sMeadowreen Hope to Bee

Res Austin’s Acorn of Greatoaks

Vhc Moon & Barrow’s Halebourne Molly Malone

Yearling Bitch (30,8a)

1st Balaam’s Leithfield Evita of Pinecrest

2nd Ferris’Sansue Lola of Romside

3rd Cowen & Mannings’Silversky Summer-Breeze

Res Pounds-Longhurst’s Mantlemas Scelina of Mossburn

Vhc Clements’ Seruilia Sweet Success

Maiden Bitch (26,6a)

1st Sillence’sWinterknoll Genista of Canina

2nd Ballinger’sMeadowreen Hope to Bee

3rd Moon & Barrow’s Halebourne Molly Malone of Jamoon

Res Marshall & Rickards’Meoncroft Honey Buzzard

Vhc Timson’sGyrima Fredrika

Novice Bitch (26,5a)

1stFerris’ Sansue Lola of Romside

2nd Sillence’sWinterknoll Genista of Canina

3rd Crick’sMidnight Movie at Moorquest

Res Ballinger’s Meadowreen Hope to Bee

Vhc Marshall & Rickards’Meoncroft Honey Buzzard

Undergraduate Bitch (34, 13a)

1st Morris & Day’sDarris Double or Quits

2nd Cowen & Mannings’Silversky Sundancer by Gatchells

3rd Melville’sCrouchers Nina

Res Pounds-Longhurst’s Mantlemas Scelina of Mossburn

Vhc Glendinning Amiene Ichikoo

Graduate Bitch (22,6a)

1st Holmes’ Beaconholm Elyxia

2nd Woods’Marike Moon Rising at Janacre

3rd Morris & Day’sDarris Damask Rose

Res Birkin’s Sansue Free Sprite

Vhc Tunstall’s Bramyledge Twice As Nice

Post Graduate Bitch (17,5a)

1st Woods’Amirene Grouse

2nd Chadwick’sWestley Christina

3rd Kirby’sAmbergold Rondo Fantasia

Res Beebe’s Carangil April

Vhc Ellis’ Unavale Kittywake of Tenfield

Limit Bitch (22,7a)

1stBalaam’s Pinecrest Marcasite

2nd Older’sGlenrose Fidelity

3rd Somerton’s Kimwhany Hi-Jinx

Res McKenna’s Marresa Dorothy

Vhc Hay’s Silva Cascade At Branjoy

Open Bitch (13,7a)

1st Bargh’s Ch Moonsprite Mermaid of Carasan

2nd Gilbert’sSh Ch Okus Watersprite

3rd Birkin’sCh Sansue Xtra Polite

Res Comer’s Sh Ch Muskan Most Charming of Cracksavon

Vhc Older’s Glenrose Candida

Field Trial Bitch (2,1a)

1st Hargrave’s Harsett Mary Rose