Championship Show 6/3/1993

Dogs: Mr A Parnell (Stanbreed)

Bitches: Mrs J Tudor (Camrose)

Referee: Mrs M Carnie (Chebula)

BIS: James’ Sh Ch Jamescroft Flaxen Girl

RBIS: May’s Cracksavon Charmed I’m Sure of Suregold

DCC: May’s Cracksavon Charmed I’m Sure of Suregold

RDCC: James’ ShCh SkyMaster of Jamescroft

BCC: James’ Sh Ch Jamescroft Flaxen Girl

RBCC: Foster’s Aeavendale Inspiration

BPIS: James’ Jamescroft Flaxen Pride


Special Veteran Dog (8, 1a)

1st Hickinbottom’s Unavale Golden Gambler of Dunblair

2nd Tuck’sCh Gwelo Sinbad of Tamsbrook

3rd Ingram’sEdgeley Ensign

Res Holloway’s Tugwood Nabob

Vhc Holmes’ Beaconholm Bacchus

Minor Puppy Dog (13, 0a)

1st Everett-Monks’Maurfield Shogun

2nd Clarke’sOusevale Gairloch

3rd Morris’Sandusky Luke Skywalker

Res Willis’Citrine Prosperity

Vhc Morris’ Cairistone Sir Lancelot

Puppy Dog (22, 2a)

1st Everett-Monks Clagold Trouble In Store

2nd Ling’s Clagold Trouble in Store

3rd Godefroy’s Fenwood Octavus

Res Murray’s Monn-Struck Myrrdin At Gayplume

Vhc Sillence’s Ashlyn Piper Of Canina

Junior Dog (16, 4a)

1st Lewis’ Chilzer Fast Forward to Perodale

2nd Cooper’sMaurfield Mercury at Dikeadaze

3rd Wilkin’sCinmarsh Cassanova

Res Godefroy’s Fenwood Nostradamus

Vhc Buckingham’s Stanroph Shoe Shine Boy

Special Yearling Dog (22, 1a)

1stLewis’ Chilzer Fast Forward to Perodale

2ndTadman’s Kennelridge High Vintage

3rdForeman’s Ambersun Spellcaster

Res Kingham & Ritchie’s Millgreen Moonlight

Vhc Holloway’s Cattrysse Vindicator

Maiden Dog (13, 4a)

1st Godefroy’s Fenwood Nostradamus

2ndBuckingham’s Stanroph Shoe Shine Boy at Lindjan

3rd Peters’Filouise Calagold

Res Pounds-Longhurst’s Mossburn McShane

Vhc Marchant’s Spadale Speciality

Novice Dog (18,2a)

1st Godefroy’s Fenwood Nostradamus

2nd Buckingham’sStanroph Shoe Shine Boy at Lindjan

3rd Maurice’sKiteeno Jaspars Gold

Res Peters’ Filouise Calagold

Vhc Zingg’s Rayleas Piper

Undergraduate Dog (20, 3a)

1st Dawe’sKensalroag Lord of the Isles

2nd Lewis’Chilzer Fast Forward to Perodale

3rd Fraser’sWestley Garmond

Res Wright’s Kailzie Solo

Vhc Cooper’sMaurfield Mercury at Dikeadaze

Graduate Dog (21, 7a)

1st James’Pearlbarn Touch of Class at Jamesgold

2nd Morss’Xanthos Indigo

3rd Cutis’Gilden Golden Christopher

Res Tiranti & Crump’s Tugwood Impressionist of Garthfield

Vhc Rains Narside You’ve Got It

Post Graduate Dog (21, 3a)

1st Mackay’sCanaleigh Chaffinch

2nd McKenna’sMarresa Fitzpatrick

3rd Marcham’sBridgefarm Irwin of Chapledown

Res Ford’s Sinalea Magnificent Star

Vhc James’Pearlbarn Touch of Class at Jamesgold

Mid Limit Dog (18, 4a)

1st Nowell’sTokeida Outlaw’s Treasure

2nd Turner’sLammacott Johnny at the Fair

3rd Foreman’sAmbersun Stormburst

ResOakes’ Sinalea Shooting Star

Vhc bond’s Steval Fantango Of Trebell

Limit Dog (17, 1a)

1st May’s Cracksavon Charmed I’m Sure of Suregold

2nd Goulding’sBrocksleigh Chronos

3rd Richardson’sAuracam Benjamen

Res Holloway’s Cattrysse Custard Kid

Vhc Hipwood’s Franklyn Firefly

Open Dog (9, 1a)

1st James’ ShCh SkyMaster of Jamescroft

2nd HickinbottomSh Ch Retgold Erichthonius of Dunblair

3rd Nowell’sSh Ch Tokeida Starstealer

Res Chandler’s Purbarn Keri Gold Too at Goldnorton

Vhc Homes’ Beaconholm Duke

Field Trial Dog (2,1a)

1st Carter’s Ch Canaleigh and Can It Be

Veteran Bitch (12, 5a)

1st Older’sGlenrose Silver Sand Opal

2nd Tuck’s Fenella of Tamsbrook

3rd Green’s Alphinbrook Georgia

Res Fry’s Rayleas Gypsy of Bedeslea

Vhc Hewitson’s Ritzilyn Lizzy Dipping of Seruilia

Minor Puppy Bitch (22, 7a)

1st Wicklow’sVenquest Bryony at Gillbryan

2nd Hailstone’sOusevale Gilda of Lanssonne

3rd Mackay’sCanaleigh Thunderstruck

Res Smallcombe’s Robscraig Ivory Lace

Vhc Bayliss’ Canina Emerald Mist

Puppy Bitch (26, 3a)

1st James’ Jamescroft Flaxen Pride

2nd Anderson’sLinchael Pasklilje

3rd Steven’sVinecroft Hope of Stevandorn

Res Somerton’s Kimwhany Must-B-Mine

Vhc Webster’s Rosgar Penny Lover

Junior Bitch (35, 8a)

1st Hennessy & Longley’sRitzilyn Steel Magnolia

2nd Easton’sTilita Leonora

3rdBowden’s Rikita Margarita

Res King’s Coombstock Carnival Queen of Ravenglade

Vhc Mannings & Cowen’s Gatchells Skylark

Special Yearling Bitch (34, 12a)

1st Muncey’sKennelridge Petite Elite

2nd Barnes’Millgreen Moonstruck

3rd Easton’sTilita Leonora

Res Hagger’s Fairfield Femme Fatale

Vhc Older’s Glenrose Athena

Maiden Bitch (27, 9a)

1stHennessy & Longley’sRitzilyn Steel Magnolia

2nd Bowden’sRikita Margarita

3rdMannings & Cowen’s Gatchells Skylark

Res Hagger’s Fairfield Femme Fatale

Vhc Hutchings Boxbush Sweet Mystique

Novice Bitch (29, 12a)

1stHennessy & Longley’sRitzilyn Steel Magnolia

2nd Bowden’sRikita Margarita

3rdBarnes’ Millgreen Moonstruck

Res Mannings & Cowen’s Gatchells Skylark

Vhc Hagger’s Fairfield Femme Fatale

Undergraduate Bitch (29, 13a)

1st Green’s Pamgavin Shelrick Exceller

2nd Kipps’Wheatcroft Sea Shells

3rd Jones’Ninell Bernadette

Res Easton’s Tilita Leonora

Vhc Hutchings’ Linchael Thera At Canossa

Graduate Bitch (23, 8a)

1st Anderson’s Linchael Gullviva

2nd Hipwood’sFranklyn Fireflair

3rd Ennis-Whelan’sRamchaine Surely Me

Res George’s Glenrose Jade of Larseona

Vhc Gibson’s Ninell Alida Of Arcachon

Post Graduate Bitch (30, 11a)

1st Foster’s Aeavendale Inspiration

2nd James’Jamescroft Flaxen Dreamer

3rd Watkins’Tamarley Stealing Heaven

Res Bright’s Jamescroft Chelsea Girl of Blissgate

Vhc Bayliss’ Jamescroft Flaxen Flirt

Mid Limit Bitch (11, 2a)

1st Anderson’sMj’rumh’gda’s Thyra to Standfast at Linchael

2nd Sillence’sWinterknoll Genista of Canina

3rd Clark’sLovehayne Elisha of Trewater

Res Moore’s Hulverstone Hooray Henriet

Vhc Brown’s Ipcress Cassandra

Limit Bitch (17, 5a)

1st Stanley’sLinchael Teazle of Bramblebriar

2nd Richardson’sBramhills Tamarisk of Darrochonna

3rd Smith’sLevali Laetitia of Goldflame

Res Sparrow’s Scarholme Andika

Vhc Chadwick’s Westley Christina

Open Bitch (9,3a)

1st James’Sh Ch Jamescroft Flaxen Girl

2nd Godefroy’sFenwood Fern

3rd Morgan’sNewavon Elsa

Res Kipps’ Sh Ch Colbar Summer Mist of Wheatcroft

Vhc Dale’s Sh CH Kiskum Sweet Mindaro

Field Trial Bitch (5, 1a)

1st Mackay’s Canaleigh Taste of Honey

2ndTaylor’s Pandreft Sweet Sincerity

3rdCurd’s Rayleas Maggie May of Ashleygold

Res Fry’s Winter Jasmine at Bedeslea