On: Saturday  8th July 1978

Judge:  Mrs Lucy Bacon (Hughenden)

BIS: Bevis’s Deerflite Fame Of Starlance 

BOSIS: Pounds’ Scotangus Of Mossburn 

BVIS: Williams’ Stubblesdown Benjamin

BPIS: O’Connell’sDavern Vanity

Special Veteran  Dog Or Bitch (7, 2 Absent)

1stWilliams’  Stubblesdown Benjamin

2nd  Pounds’ Mossburn Sandpiper

3rd  Elkins’ Cragisle Golden Ray

Res Gilbert’s Taval Amber Velvet

Vhc Hinks’ Styal Scarlet

Minor Puppy Dog (4, 2 Absent)

1st  Larkins’ Spadale Synbad

2nd Bardwell’s Brinwell Caruso

Puppy Dog (7, 1 Absent)

1st  Lade’s Coombstock Cowboy Serenade

2nd Woolacott’s Timbergate Grenadier

3rd  Traviss’ Bramblewoods Topaz Royale

Res   White’s Bramblewoods Jade Royale

Vhc Larkins’ Spadale Synbad

Junior Dog  (17, 3 Absent)

1st  Baker’s Jucridor Question Mark

2nd Lade’s Coombstock Cowboy Serenade

3rd  Tudor & Wilcock’s Stenbury Sea Tristram Of Camrose

Res Brazier’s Styal Saratoga

Vhc Shutze  Wallands Angus

Special Yearling Dog  (9, 2 Absent)

1st  Baker’s Jucridor Question Mark

2nd  Parnell’s Arbutus Hunnycracker

3rd  Delivett’s Westenhour Notice To Quit

Res Norris’ Gyrima Rory

Vhc Hollands’ Melody Topper Golden Laddie

Novice Dog  (15, 3 Absent)

1st Parnell’s Arbutus Hunnycracker

2nd  Delivett’s Westenhour Notice To Quit

3rd  Brazier’s Styal Saratoga

Res Mammatt’s Coombstock Autobiography

Vhc Longhurst’s Wyndpoint Vangogh

Undergraduate Dog  (9, 2 Absent)

1st Mcardle’s Deerflite Jimean

2nd  Wilson’s Squirrelsmead Sunlight

3rd Hall’s Wallands Woodcock

Res Sharp’s Auroraglow  Simon

Vhc Mammatt’s Coombstock Autobiography

Post Graduate Dog (9, 2 Absent)

1st Nowell’s Tokeida Merry Sprite

2nd  Hardie’s Stradcot Fanbaloo

3rd  Mcardle’s Deerflite Jimean

Res Hill’s Sansue Torva Of Bramhills

Vhc Hennessy’s Timberlog Adonis

Limit Dog (5, 1 Absent)

1st Parnell’s Jucridor Ballad

2nd  Price-Harding’s Deremar Ratbag

3rd  Hill’s Sansue Torva Of Bramhills

Res Bristow & Owens’ Tyereper Anthony

Open Dog (5, 2 Absent)

1st Pounds’ Scotangus Of Mossburn

2nd  Robinson’s Styal Sophocles

3rd Carden’s Dewmar Augustus

Special Open Dog (5, 2 Absent)

1st Pounds’ Scotangus Of Mossburn

2nd Hardie’s Stradcot Fanbaloo

3rd  Pounds’ Mossburn Sandpiper

Minor Puppy Bitch (4)

1st Williams’  Brinwell Cassandra

2nd  Everett’s Lorinford Empress Aslemed

3rd  Davis’ Stradcot Melody

Res Hare’s Stradcot Songella

Puppy Bitch (9, 3 Absent)

1st O’Conell’s Davern Vanity

2nd  Mammett’s Coombstock Laras Theme

3rd  Dobney’s Glengilde Harmony Of Sanquhar

Res Williams’  Brinwell Cassandra

Vhc Everett’s Lorinford Empress Aslemed

Junior Bitch (15, 5 Absent)

1st Ferris’ Romside Regalia

2nd  Sewell’s Petabeck Cinzano

3rd  Hinks’ Styal Samsila

Res Morris’ Gyrima Rebecca

Vhc Wheeler’s Glendour Ever A Pleasure

Special Yearling Bitch (14, 4 Absent)

1st Elkins’ Starlance Capella

2nd  Ferris’ Romside Regalia

3rd  Hill’s Dabess Christabel Of Bramhills

Res Sewell’s Petabeck Cinzano

Vhc Stephenson’s Barcamino Amber

Novice Bitch (23, 7 Absent)

1st Day & Morris’ Goldsheen Harmony

2nd  Jordan’s Gyrima Quendrida

3rd  Beck’s Markets Heath Swanhilda

Res Hill’s Dabess Christabel Of Bramhills

Vhc Sewell’s Petabeck Cinzano

Undergraduate Bitch (24, 10 Absent)

1st Elkins’ Starlance Capella

2nd  Johnson’s Gyrima Nanette Of Jenric

3rd  Sewell’s Petabeck Martini

Res Hayes’ Eloquence Of Camrose

Post Graduate Bitch (16, 5 Absent)

1st Spicer’s Dorrald Treasure Trove

2nd  Timson’s Gyrima Lavina

3rd  Davis’ Stradcot Songbird

Res Hinks’ Styal Samphira

Vhc Wheeler’s Westonholm Did You Ever Of Glendour  

Limit (7, 2 Absent)

1st Faucon’s Brackengold  Zara

2nd  Bristow & Owens’ Tyereper Amethyst

3rd  Green’s Lindys Golden Charm Of Spadale

Res Selmes’ Kuldana Kornish Maid

Vhc Davie’s Tallyrand Trudi Of Verdayne

Open Bitch  ( 5, 2 Absent)

1st Bevis’ Deerflite Fame Of Starlance

2nd  Timson’s Gyrima Joanna

3rd  Ferris’ Romside Rhecherche

Open Bitch (4, 1 Absent)

1st Timson’s Gyrima Joanna

2nd  Carden’s  Willowlea Trisha 

3rd  Hinks’ Styal Samphira