On: Sunday 28th October 1984

Judge:  Mrs Mary Wood (Brensham)

BIS: Morss’ Gyrima Felicia Of Xanthos  

BOSIS: Everett-Monks’ Lorinford Lancelot

BVIS: Blow’s Wisteria Of Watchingwell

BPIS: Everett-Monks’ Rosinante Honeybee Of Lorinford

Special Veteran  Dog Or Bitch (8)

1st Blow’s Wisteria Of Watchingwell

2nd  Barrow’s Chafforn Indomitable Of Halebourne

3rd  Beevis’ Deerflite Fame Of Starlance

Res Parnell’s Westenholm Casino Royale

Minor Puppy Dog (14)

1st Holloway’s Cattrysse Super Trooper 

2nd  Gilbert’s Okus Muskateer

3rd  Holloway’s Cattrysse Mr Ro

Res Holmes’ Beaconholm Duke

Vhc Douglas’ Koranga Saracen

Puppy Dog (9)

1st Gilbert’s Okus Muskateer

2nd  Skinner’s Melfricka Wassailer

3rd  Hayward’s Glenlomond Fanfare

Res Denney’s Kenee Lochiel

Vhc Orchard’s Gyrima Inspiration

Junior Dog (18)

1st Nowell’s The Wizard Of Tokeida

2nd  Morss’ Xanthos Strelka

3rd  Burrow’s Marquis Dawnbreak

Res Stevens’ Thenford Tennyson Of Jenanty

Vhc Hennessy’s Ritzilyn Super Trouper

Special Yearling Dog (16)

1st Everett-Monks’ Lorinford Lancelot

2nd  Tuck’s Gwelo Sinbad Of Tamsbrook

3rd  Nowell’s The Wizard Of Tokeida

Res Cannon’s Burpham Santaberry

Vhc Edmonstone’s Leithfield Aquarius Of Simashka

Maiden Dog  (14)

1st Lowe’s Twilly Apollo

2nd  Burrow’s Marquis Dawnbreak

3rd  Stevens’ Thenford Tennyson Of Jenanty

Res Lavender’s Rayleas Chorister Of Peredhil

Vhc Bellarby’s Barcamino Endeavour

Novice Dog (11)

1st Morss’ Xanthos Strelka

2nd  Ansell’s Bethmayo Oaktmeal

3rd  Bellarby’s Barcamino Endeavour

Res Hennessy’s Ritzilyn Super Trouper

Vhc George’s Larseona Suntan

Undergraduate Dog  (17)

1st Barrow’s Styal St George Of Halebourne 

2nd  Holbrook’s Stenbury Sea Drift

3rd  Nowell’s The Wizard Of Tokeida

Res Pounds’ Sceltic Piper Of Mossburn

Vhc Phipps’ Rikkitarr Ferngold

Graduate Dog  (7)

1st Douglas’ Jobernela Alexander

2nd  Curness’ Squirrelsmead Zest

3rd  Graham’s Tonara Rainbeau Of Roscraddoc

Res Murley’s Loddonvale Koodos Of Motlaisa

Vhc Webb’s Rayleas Riot

Post Graduate Dog (7)

1st Bowden’s Gyrima  Digby

2nd  Price-Harding’s Deremar Kennedy

3rd  Spencer & Heather’s Maxanda Bright Spark

Res Curness’ Squirrelsmead Zest

Vhc Reynolds’ Auro Coppice Major

Open Dog (8)

1st Stephenson’s Crouchers Dan Of Timtaurn

2nd  Nowell’s Tokeida Merry Sprite

3rd  Parnell’s Arbutus Hunny Cracker

Res Mcnamee’s Montague Of Tythe

Minor Puppy Bitch (17)

1st Everett-Monks’ Rosinante Honeybee Of Lorinford

2nd  Taber’s Penita Carlotta

3rd  Everett-Monks’ Rosinante Pippa Dee Of Lorinford

Res Kerr’s Alphinbrook Hasacha

Vhc Ashley’s Petabeck Currant Bun

Puppy Bitch (10)

1st Kirby’s Rondo Capriccioso

2nd  Morris’ Sansue Golden Gloria

3rd  Ashley’s Petabeck Currant Bun

Res Clark’s Alpine Flower

Vhc Edridge’s Tilita Snowbell

Junior Bitch (15)

1st Rollason’s Moyale Moonlight Shadow

2nd  Holmes’ Elzac Amber Of Beaconholm

3rd  Beck’s  Marketsheath Cornsilk

Res Bowden’s Sandusky Finola

Vhc Clark’s Alpine Flower

Special Yearling Bitch (15)

1st Bennett’s Goronne Abracadabra

2nd  Rollason’s Moyale Moonlight Shadow

3rd  Smith’s Rosgar Amy’s Dream

Res Bridger’s Sunsands Saffron

Vhc Cassidy’s Fernavy Denbee

Maiden Bitch  (27)

1st Higgins’ Keta Of Railbridge

2nd  Kirby’s Rondo Capriccioso

3rd  Smith’s Rosgar Amy’s Dream

Res Taber’s Penita Nadine

Vhc Cassidy’s Fernavy Denbee

Novice Bitch  (20)

1st Kirby’s Rondo Capriccioso

2nd  Price-Harding’s Shepedor Cindy Of Deremar

3rd  Triptree’s Brambletyne Davinia

Res Rollason’s Moyale Moonlight Shadow

Vhc Smith’s Rosgar Amy’s Dream

Undergraduate Bitch (15)

1st Older’s Silversand Opal

2nd  Pitman’s Kellys Eye Of Starlance

3rd  Seymour’s Tallyrand Tresta

Res Bridger’s Sunsands Saffron

Vhc Tokeida’s Hingstondown Miranda

Graduate Bitch  (10)

1st Hewitson’s Ritzilyn Lizzy Dripping Of Seruilia

2nd  Murley’s Dabess Kalandra Of Motlaisa

3rd  Pitman’s Kellys Eye Of Starlance

Res North’s Tippastree Strawberry Eleanor

Vhc Pitman’s Starlance Latona

Post Graduate Bitch (13)

1st Falconer’s Westley Felicia Of Siatham

2nd  Williams’ Davern Merrymaid Of Brinwell

3rd  Tripptree’s Brambletyne Magic Spell

Res Tuck’s Fanella Of Tamsbrook

Vhc Pitman’s Sandlegem Gemma

Open Bitch (10)

1st Morss’ Gyrima Felicia Of Xanthos

2nd  Bennett’s Goronne Sch-You-Know-Who

3rd  Bevis’ Oystergold Catrina Of Starlance

Res Burren’s Rodos Camilla

Vhc Bridger’s Starlane Whatta Cracker

Special Open Dog Or Bitch (2)

1st Parnell’s Westenholm Casino Royale

2nd  Lavender’s Pitcote Ambush Of Peredhil