On: Sunday 1st July 1979

Judge: Mrs Kathleen Simister (Lacons)

BIS: Minter’s Stenbury Sea O’dreams 

BOSIS: Stevens’ Wyndpoint Anthony Of Jenanty

BVIS: Brittain’s Gwelo Tareka

BPIS: Timson’s Gyrima Wendella

Special Veteran  Dog Or Bitch  (2)

1st Brittain’s Gwelo Tareka

2nd  Bostridge’s Greatoaks Gina Of Cooksmill

Minor Puppy Dog (8)

1st Smith’s Styal Spenser

2nd  Medhurst’s Oystergold Pandorina

3rd  Lavender’s Pitcote Ambush

Res Bell’s Gyrima Wellington

Vhc Bevis’ Starlance Huckleberry

Puppy Dog (14,’a)

1st Peacock’s Gyrima Vigil

2nd  Stace’s Timberlog Tarka

3rd  Carlyle’s Publius Kerryson

Res Lavender’s Pitcote Ambush

Vhc Iles’ Glennessa Halliard

Junior Dog   (14, 2 Absent)

1st Willis’ Loddonvale Lunar Eclipse

2nd  Walder’s Turban Firecrest

3rd  Coward’s Brackengold Hawk

Res Stace’s Timberlog Tarka

Vhc Carlyle’s Publius Kerryson

Special Yearling Dog  (9, 1 Absent)

1st Arnold’s Amberland Black Sabre

2nd  Willis’ Loddonvale Lunar Eclipse

3rd  Traviss’ Bramblewoods Topaze Royale

Res Tribe’s Gunvale Josephy

Vhc Quant’s Camrose Taranto Of Sequantus

Novice Dog (16, 3 Absent)

1st Walder’s Turban Firecrest

2nd  Coward’s Brackengold Hawk

3rd  Traviss’ Bramblewoods Topaze Royale

Res Pratt’s Honeycombe San Sebastian

Vhc White’s Bramblewoods Jade Royale

Undergraduate Dog  (13, 3 Absent)

1st Brazier’s Styal Saratoga

2nd  Gatward’s Timberlog Telstar

3rd  Wise’s Kandelite Platinum

Res Arnold’s Amberland Black Sabre

Vhc Traviss’ Bramblewoods Topaze Royale

Graduate Dog (5, 1 Absent)

1st Hall’s Wallands Woodcock

2nd  Bennett’s Goronne Oliver Twist

3rd  Wise’s Kandelite Platinum

Res Plater’s Petrina’s Country Lad

Post Graduate Dog (5, 2 Absent)

1st Tudor & Wilcock’s Stenbury Sea Tristram Of Camrose

2nd  Stevens’ Wyndpoint Charles Of Jenanty

3rd  Parnell’s Arbutus Hunnycracker

Open Dog (8, 1 Absent)

1st Stevens’ Wyndpoint Anthony Of Jenanty

2nd  Tudor & Wilcock’s Stenbury Sea Tristram Of Camrose

3rd  Parnell’s Jucridor Ballad

Res Carnie’s Chebula’s Artisan

Vhc Barrow’s Dukesmead Emlyn Of Halebourne

Minor Puppy Bitch (17, 5 Absent)

1st Timson’s Gyrima Wendella

2nd  Coward’s Brackengold Karenina

3rd  Elkins’ Starlance Coffee ‘N’ Cream

Res Minter’s Stenbury Sea O’green

Vhc Worner’s Gyrima Weyabbi

Puppy Bitch (20, 7 Absent)

1st Lloyds’ Hildrek Cascade

2nd  Iles’ Gaineda Souixsie

3rd  Edmunds’ Petabeck Brandy Girl

Res Moon’s Camrose Xristina

Junior Bitch (27, 5 Absent)

1st Minter’s Stenbury Sea Sorrel

2nd  Smith’s Loddonvale Lunar Echo

3rd  Pounds’  Mossburn Skotchmist

Res Shonfeld’s Cerendow Zamorin Wishamber

Special Yearling Bitch (19, 6 Absent)

1st Green’s Dukesmead Pavlova Of Pamgavin

2nd  Huyton’s Verdayne Candytuft

3rd  Davis’ Stradcot Melody

Res Shonfeld’s Cerendow Zamorin Wishamber

Novice Bitch  (29, 7 Absent)

1st Huyton’s Verdayne Candytuft

2nd  Austin’s Greatoaks Ondine

3rd  Smith’s Loddonvale Lunar Echo

Res Taylor’s Jenric Blue Belle

Undergraduate Bitch (12, 3 Absent)

1st Bevis’ Starlance Gemini

2nd  Wheeler’s Glendour Ever A Pleasure

3rd  Medhurst’s Dellands D’avilla

Res Crowther’s Marjoron Zoe

Graduate Bitch (10, 7 Absent)

1st Beck’s Markestsheath Swanhilda

2nd  Crowther’s Marjoron Zoe

3rd  Burren’s Rodos Camilla

Post Graduate Bitch (10, 2 Absent)

1st Barrow’s Chafforn Indomitable Of Halebourne

2nd  Brittain’s Rooftreetop Bahia At Gwelo

3rd  Davis’ Stradcot Songbird

Res Spicer’s Dorralds Treasure Trove

Open Bitch (9, 3 Absent)

1st Minter’s Stenbury Sea O’dreams

2nd  Lowe’s Davern Rosabella

3rd  Iles’ Glennessa Clare

Res Hardie’s Stradcot Simona

Vhc Johnson’s Taval Enchantress Of Jenric

Special Open Dog Or  Bitch (6, 1 Absent)

1st Parnell’s Westonholme Casino Royale

2nd  Tudor & Wilcock’s Camrose Octavius

3rd  Tudor & Wilcock’s Camrose Xotina

Res Timson’s Gyrima Joanna

Vhc Carnie’s Chebula’s Artisan