Report for Joint Working Test 2nd June 2024

 Held at Parklands, Ewshot, Farnham Surrey

The Society held a joint working test with Flatcoated Retriever Society (Southern) on Sunday 2nd June 2024 at Parklands, Ewshot, Surrey, by kind permission of Mrs Suzette WATTS. Our Judges for the day were Mrs Sue JORDON and Mrs Leigh SUTTON.

The tests were for Novice dog/Novice Handler and Novice.

The weather was again superb for us being warm and sunny, not to hot and with  gentle breeze. The ground provided plenty of tree cover for both dogs and handlers whilst they waited for their tests.

There were 4 tests for each class.

Test 1 was a hunt up requiring the dog to find dummies in undergrowth

Test 2 was a simple mark but incorporated heel work to be completed before the retrieve was completed.

Test 3 was a mark and blind. The blind being in a different direction to the mark

Test 4 was a Walk up done in two stages with a mark to the front of the dog and a blind to the rear.

The tests were the same for both classes but with the novice tests being longer and further for them.

The results were as follows:-


1st   Mr Andy HALE with his Bitch Touton Bar Girl.  Golden Ret (After a run off)          80/80

2nd Mr Andy HALE with his Bitch Kensteen Sencha. Golden Ret                                     80/80

3rd Mrs Beverley SUDDEN with her Bitch Undercliff Skylark Flatcoat Ret                 73.5/80

4th Mrs Jenny McCARTER with her Dog Fulwith Bramble Flatcoat Ret                          73/80

C.O.M was awarded by the judges to

Mrs Katie ALDRED with her Dog Jazzanraga Countryman Flatcoat Ret                         71/80



The competition in the novice test was very tight with a run off required to separate 5 dogs with the same marks

The results were as follows:-

1st Mr David WIMSETT with his Bitch Rosgar Coconut Bellini Golden Ret                   79/80

After the run off the judges decided the following place were to be awarded:-

2nd Mrs Debbie MORGAN with her Dog Kentwone Blaze Golden Ret                            74/80

3rd Mrs Fay Drewry with her Dog Jinkster Jackpot of Goldmyrtus Flatcoat Ret               74/80

C.O.M’s were awarded to the following:-

Miss Sarah YOUNG with her Bitch Waverton I Wish I Could Fly at Larksburn Flatcoat Ret 74/80

Mrs Sue POUNDS-LONGHURST with her Bitch Rosgar Dolly O’Dare among Mossburn golden Ret 74/80

Mrs Jo HEWISON with her Dog Casblaidd Chase Me Charlie Flatcoat Ret                               74/80