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Working Test held at Yotes Court Farm, West Peckham, Kent ME18 5FH on Sunday 29th July 2012 by kind permission of Mr R, Woolridge.


Judges: Mrs A Sanders and Mr D Stelling

Special Puppy

1st Mrs Ann Benfield with her bitch Meteora Golden Fleece run by Mr Roy Wort 91/100

2nd Mr Tony Lancaster with is dog Goodgrace You Really Got Me  72/100

3rd Mrs Barbara Haydon with her bitch Ninastirith Grace  63/100 


The awards were as follows:-
1st Mrs Ann Green with her bitch Carishill Crocus 87/100

2nd Mrs Helen Kimberley with her bitch Friendborn Dainty Dacapo 86/100

3rd Mr Mr Roy Wort with his dog Auro Rimu  81/100

4th Mrs Linda Sage with her dog Cleynehage Xtra Flair  80/100

C.O.M’s awarded to:-

Mrs Audrey Wort with her bitch   71/100


1st Mrs Ann Davis with her dog Maestro Mozart 92/100

2ndMrs Jacqueline Carden with her dog Treunair Carrick  90/100

3rd Mrs Robin Mitchell with her dog Tashsheen Hamish 86/100

4th Mrs Barbara Haydon with her bitch Scherzando Applause  80/100

C.O.M was awarded to:-

Mrs Irene Bird with her dog Blanrob Barra  76/100

Working Test held at Holywell Estate Swanmore Hants SO32 2QE on Sunday 10th June 2012 by kind invitation of Earl and Countess Clarendon


Judges: Mr Chris Rose (panel) and Mr Ken Green


1st Mrs Sue Ashley with her dog Maluraya Milton Duff 76/80

2nd Mrs Audrey Wort with her dog Libris Mr Pickwick of Auro  75/80

3rd Mrs Jean Baveystock with her bitch Baveybuilt Bellini  74/80

4th Mrs Irene Bird with her dog Blanerob Barra. 74/80

C.O.M’s awarded to:-

Mr Jon Debnam with his bitch Lillieburne Colne Point

Mrs Caroline Caines with her bitch Libris Estella.

Mrs Barbara Haydon with her bitch Scherazando Applause   73/80 each.

1st Mrs Toni Sanders with her bitch Holway Phantom of Tarinomagh  78/80

2nd Mrs Jacqui Crew with her dog Echobrook Dexter 71/80

3rd Mr Ray Hardie with his dog Hanans Mace Spice of Life 71/80

4th Mrs Jacqui Crew with her dog Calum Peace. 69/8

C.O.M’s awarded to:-

Mrs Mary Quincey with her bitch Wadesmill Apple and

Mrs Jean Baveystock with her bitch Lakesfarm Martini at Baveybuilt 68/80 each