Working Test held on Saturday 15th March 1998

at Upper Birtley Brook, Nr Milford, Surrey

(by kind invitation of Sir Graham Wilkinson)

Judges: Mrs P Lynch, Mr R Sills and Mr E Venturi


1st Price-Harding’s Clancallum Ruard Of Deremar

2nd Howes’ Carastoke Legend

3rd Burgess’ Catcombe Castaway

4th Moore’s Millgreen Maverick

Proficiency Certificate

Boxall’s Pinecrest Columbo

1st Hardie’s Rayleas Extra Cover

2nd Wort’s Danshell Locquat Of Auro

3rd Andrews’ Catcombe Canny

4th Wort’s Danshell Kowhai Of Auro

Proficiency Certificates

5th Walton’s Danshell Jasmine Of Notlaw

Howes’ Carstoke Legend

Marcham’s Chaplewown Bystander

Curd’s Ashleygold Copernicus


1st Lindsey’s Chaffrom Applause At Bramblyn

2nd Grainger’s Delcott mary Rose At Hindringham

3rd Simms’ Millgreeen Chaffinch At Catcombe

4th Cannings’ Bedeslea Robyn

Proficiency Certificates

5th Souster & Gibbs’ Lorinford Xclusive To Souter

Chester’s Cresties Christmas Candle

Bennett’s Deremar Chucalissa

Trainer & Sear’s Motlaisa English Rose Of Fadius

Working Test held on Saturday 16th July 1998

at The Hampton Estate, Elstead, Surrey

(by kind invitation of Mr & Mrs B Biddell)

Judges: Mrs J Venturi-Rose, Mrs A Sanders and Mr C Rose


1st Payne’s Cleynehage Head You Win

2nd Blankespoor’s Be Chrysler

3rd Simms’ Millgreen Chaffinch Of Catcombe


1st Lavender’s Pitcoe Horray Heny Of Peredhil

2nd Wort’s Tauvechan Anna Of Auro

3rd Carter’s Ch Canaleigh And Can It Be

4th Stout’s Bivawood Escort Of Valjan

Proficiency Certificates

Lindsey’s Chaffron Applause At Bramblyn

Rolfe’s Gyrima Veritia Of Rayleas

Curd’s Rayleas Maggie May Of Ashleygold


1st Moore’s Millgreen Maverick

2nd Rose’s Jamescroft Kameo Of Gaytonwood

3rd Rains’ Catcombe Carbon Copy

4th Lindsey’s Chaffron Applause At Bramblyn

Proficiency Certificates

Boxall’s Pinecrest Columbo

Howes’ Carstoke Legend

Domone’s Millrythe Mercedes

1st Hardie’s Rayleas Extra Cover

2nd Blankespoor’s Taneleighden Elvis At Cleynehage

3rd Wort’s Danshell Locquat Of Auro

4th Philpott’s Standerwick Timothy

Proficiency Certificates

Marcham’s Chapledown Bystander

Evans’ Pinecrest Carraway Of Hintock