Our own working test was held at Deerbridge House, Elstead, Surrey on Sunday 20th May 2006 by kind permission of Mr John & Mrs Liz Barnes.

Judges:  Mrs Liz Barnes, Mr Keith Broomfield, Mr Ron Sills and Mr Dave England.


1stHaresmead Iolanthe owned/handled by Mr R Marcham

2ndDanshell Jasmine of Notlaw owned by Mrs Walton and handled by Mrs C Baker

3rdCanaleigh Tutti Frutti owned/handled by Mrs C Mackay

COM’s awarded to Danshell Tawa of Auro, Danshell Belle and Danshell Manawa

1stCastlemans Running Game owned/handled by Mrs K McCarthy

2ndCatcombe Calceolaria of Auro owned by Mrs & Mrs Wort/handled by Mr R Wort

3rdDanshell Scrumpy of Notlaw owned/handled by Mrs P Walton

4thCaptain Crusader of Catcombe owned/handled by Mr D Burgess


1stAuro Rimu owned by Mr & Mrs R Wort/handled by Mr R Wort

2ndEchobrook Coppice owned/handled by Mr R Marcham

3rdRedfire Rosie of Ceagry owned/handled by Mrs S Ault

4thHanans Pure Gold owned/handled by Miss A Strachan

COM Crowshott Onyx Rhythm owned/handled by Ms C Morrell

COM Castlemans Golden Eye owned/handled by Mrs K McCarthy


1stHolway Phantom of Tarinmagh owned/handled by Mrs A Saunders

2ndDeepfleet Anna owned by Mr T Souster & Miss K Gibbs/handled by Mr T Souster

3rdBedeslea Canny Lad at Stvincent owned by Mrs P Simms and handled by Mr D Stelling

4thOaklin Early Dawn owned/handled by Mrs G Dymond

COM Catcombe Chutney owned/handled by Mr I Falconer

Working Test held on Saturday 6th August 2006

at Vines Farm, West Peckham, Kent

Judges: Mrs Carole Carter and Mrs Pat Wright


1st Baveystock’s Baveybuilt Merlot

2nd Jackson’s Margymore Marcus

3rd Strachan’s Hanans Pure Gold

4th Ashley’s Petabeck Dig In The Ribs

C of M Baveystock’s Baveybuilt Tiffon Too


1st Ward-Smith’s Lillymay Barley Sugar

2nd Kimberley’s Friendborn Dainty Dacapo

3rd McEllhiney’s Merryway Isabella

4th Brown’s terjack Lady Angelica

C of M Dymond’s Oaklin Fern

C of M Sage’s Cleynehage Xtra Flair