Working Test Results 2016

Southern Golden Retriever Society Results


JUNE 2016

The Southern Golden Retriever Society held a Special Puppy, Novice, Open and Veteran Working Test on Sunday 31st July at Puddledock Farm, Chartwell, Kent, by kind permission of Mrs Anne CAIRNES

Special Puppy
1st. Mr Phillip BLOUNT with Hanwoodgold Archie. 77/80
2nd. Mrs Chrissie THOMAS with Roughbeat Melchoir. 76/80
3rd. Mrs Toni SANDRES with Tarinomaga Rohan. 75/80
4th. Mrs Jean BAVEYSTOCK with Polihale Bucks Fizz at Baveybuilt. 74/80
Mrs Judi LLOYD with Overdean Melody Maker with Bramblyn. 73/80

1st. Mrs Chrissie THOMAS with Kenine Can’t Go Back. 98/100
2nd. Mr Bill WARNETT with Pandapaws Brigand. 96/100
3rd. Mrs Dawn ROSE with Gaytonwood Cuba. 93/100
th. Mrs Sandy Loegolfe with Vamp Alkanet. 90/100
Mrs Ann GLADWIN with Carshill Reagan. 86/100
Mr Ray HARDIE with Eskylane Master Spice. 82/100

1st. Mrs Sue JORDAN with Tullysedge My Belle Nell. 95/100
2nd. Mr Bill WANETT with Pandapaws Brigand. (After run off) 91/100
3rd. Mrs Toni SANDERS with Holway Pippa of Tarinomaga. (After run off) 91/100
4th. Mrs Ray HARDIE with Panda Paws Andy Ray. 89/100
Mrs Patricia ADAMS with Ardyle Cotillion. 88/100
Mrs Sue JORDAN with Tullysedge My Boy Troy 86/100

1st Mrs Ann STRACHEN with Hannans Pure Gold. 97/100
2nd. Mrs Toni SANDERS with Holway Phantom of Tarinomaga. 93/100
3rd. Mr Jon DEBNAM with Lillieburn Colne point Peg. (After run off) 91/100
4th. Mr Norman STOUT with Hannans Readytogo of Valjan. (After run off) 91/100

Mrs Jean BAVEYSTOCK with Lakesfarm Martini ad Baveybuilt. 90/100
Mrs Judi LLOYD with Dirnanean’s Shining Knight of Bramblyn. 88/100