Championship Show 26/2/1994

Dogs: Ms M Everett Monks (Lorinford)

Bitches: Mrs H Morris (Sandusky)

Referee: Mr R Hare (Rojillair)

BIS: Hennessy’s Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

RBIS: Peter’s Fairfield Fairlady of Filouise

DCC: Hennessy’s Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

RDCC: Gunner’s Sh Ch Crowood Butch Cassidy

BCC: Peter’s Fairfield Fairlady of Filouise

RBCC: Poile’s Cherrimar Molly Coddle

BPIS: Storey’sRosenjay Katy May


Veteran Dog (5,2a)

1st Yates’ Bryanstown Yeoman of Delcott

2nd Hickinbottom’s Unavale Golden Gambler of Dunblair

3rdGell’s Leithfield Alexander

Minor Puppy Dog (26, 5a)

1st Gilbert’s Okus Huckleberry Finn

2nd Wicklow’s Gillbryan Chance Encounter

3rd Twitchett’sChapledown Alaric

Res Carder’s Tilita Peterkin at Timarick

Vhc Easton’s Eastonwood Danny Boy

Puppy Dog (23, 3a)

1st Morgan’sNewavon Just George

2nd Zingg’sRayleas Caluimn

3rd Barnes’Millgreen Ceasar of Catcombe

Res Lane’s Kulawand Rainbow Man

Vhc Eels’ Purbarn Whotta Smarty Pants

Junior Dog (26, 8a)

1st Rains’ Millgreen Magnum

2nd James’ Jamescroft Kindred Spirit

3rd Tuck’s Tamsbrook Trouble At Sea

Res Wood’s Kilgraston Kinsman of Brensham

Vhc Russell & Ross’s Rosiante Revised By Sokenlea

Special Yearling Dog (18, 5a)

1st Baldwin-Davies’ Berrington Ambassador of Bellagold

2ndJames’ Jamescroft Kindred Spirit

3rd Fleet’sEastbury Time in Motion

Res Clarke’s Ousevale Gairloch

Vhc Chamdler’s Jaybelene Django At Goldnorton

Maiden Dog (23, 13a)

1st James’ Jamescroft Kindred Spirit

2nd Tuck’sTamsbrook Trouble At Sea

3rd Russell & Ross’ Rosinante Revisited by Sokenlea

Res Norris’ Tilita Syncopation

Vhc Howling’s Goldwing Guiseppe

Novice Dog (24, 10a)

1st James’Jamescroft Kindred Spirit

2nd Tuck’sTamsbrook Trouble At Sea

3rd Woods’ Kilgraston Kinsman of Brensham

Res Fleet’s Eastbury Time in Motion

Vhc Russell & Ross’ Rosinante Revisited by Sokenlea

Undergraduate Dog (14, 4a)

1st Greene’s Easwrith Bright Spark

2nd Kingham & Ritchie’sMillgreen Moonlight over Penpisgh

3rd Tyler’sFenwood Olympic Gold

Res Norris’s Tilita Syncopation

Vhc Maurice’s Kiteeno Jaspar’s Gold

Graduate Dog (18, 3a)

1st Bevis’Westcombe Harvester of Starlance

2nd Gowland & Gibbons’ Remington Rollo

3rd Lewis’Chilzer Fast Forward to Perodale

Res Dowler’s Langsett Magical Prince

Vhc Wood’s Brensham Knightterrant

Post Graduate Dog (20, 5a)

1st Gowland & Gibbons’Remington Ramsey

2nd Edridge’sTilita Jackaroo

3rd Frankland-Burton’sPurbarn Razzle Dazzle

Res Woods’ Amirene Pacifique

Vhc Rains’ Narside You’ve Got It

Minor Limit Dog (12,2a)

1st Stevens’Pearlbarn Lucky Star at Stevandorn

2nd Seamons’Messano Blueprint

3rd Crang’sRosenjay April Hero in Linoaks

Res Wise’s Wiselandhill Caspar

Vhc Goulding’s Brocksleigh Chronos

Limit Dog (9, 2a)

1st Hennessy’s Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

2nd Dean’sCherrimar Max-a-Million

3rd Carder’sTilita Benedick at Timarick

Res Caisley’sStandfast Augustus

Vhc Marcham’s Bridgefarm Irwin of Chapeldown

Open Dog (10,1a)

1st Gunner’s Sh Ch Crowood Butch Cassidy

2nd Brownlie’sSh Ch Stanroph Soldier Boy

3rd Chandler’sPurbarn Keri Gold Too at Goldnorton

Res Hickinbottom’s Sh Ch Retgold Erichthonius of Dunblair

Vhc Richardson’s Auracam Benjamen

Field Trial Dog (1,0a)

1st Barnes’ Catcombe Cheshire at Millgree

Veteran Bitch (5,1a)

1st Zingg’sDewmar Hannah of Rayleas

2nd Couldridge’sGoldstrahl Fidelity of Romay

3rd Grant’sAmberland Maruska Star of Ankera

Res Seymour’s Tallyrand Tresta of Sunspray

Minor Puppy Bitch (27, 5a)

1st Easton’sEastonwood Molly Malone

2nd Bevis’Starlance Crystal Maze

3rd Richardson’s Starlance Charade at Turambar

Res Wicklow’s Gillbryan Chosen Crumpet

Vhc Nelson’sOusevale Italian Symphony

Puppy Bitch (37, 10a)

1st Storey’sRosenjay Katy May

2nd Mannings’ Gatchells Calendar Girl

3rd Woodcock’sStanroph Spring Fantasy

Res Johnson’s Ritzilyn Home Spun at Choriand

Vhc Yates’ Delcott Polly Perkins

Junior Bitch (18, 4a)

1st Kirby’sFatal Fascination for Ambergold

2nd Hagger’sFairfield Firesprite

3rd Sparrow & Brightley’sGarbank Caoimhe for Scarholme

Res James’ Jamescroft K-Sera-Sera

Vhc Hennessy’s Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny

Special Yearling Bitch (19, 8a)

1st Sparrow & Brightley’s Garbank Caoimhe for Scarholme

2nd James’Jamescroft K-Sera-Sera

3rd Homewood’s Cantel Bridget of Carichwood

Res Hattey’s Golcrest Good Morning M’Lady at Harteliana

Vhc Balaam’s Pinecrest Chelsea

Maiden Bitch (21, 10a)

1st James’ Jamescroft K-Sera-Sera

2nd Martin’s Lyndelous Bella

3rd Hennessy’s Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny

Res Davies’ Mulfield Columbine

Vhc Thompson’s Goldenwheat Lady Guinivere

Novice Bitch (27, 15a)

1st Birkin’s Sansue Tiara

2nd James’Jamescroft K-Sera-Sera

3rd Martin’sLyndelous Bella

Res Hennessy’s Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny

Vhc Davies’ Mulfield Columbine

Undergraduate Bitch (24, 10a)

1st Coombs’Raykander Rare Rebecca

2nd Birkin’sSansue Tiara

3rd Clements’Seruilia Sweet Success of Adarmas

Res Butterworth’s Ambergold Pollyanna of Applebrook

Vhc Somerton’s Kimwhany Must-Be-Mine

Graduate Bitch (24, 8a)

1st Foster’s Aeavendale Sweet Melody

2nd Ward’sStanroph Silent Angel of Laurenley

3rd Bowden’sRikita Margarita

Res Gell’s Fairfield Felona of Leithfield

Vhc Green’s Pamgavin Shelrick Exceller

Post Graduate Bitch (26, 7a)

1st Foster’s Aeavendale Sweet Melody

2nd Corfield’sNewavon Fancy Free at Maurfield

3rd Barnes’Millgreen Moonstruck

Res Frankland’s Ambergold Melissa of Hollyglow

Vhc Robinson’s Spring Harmony At Andred

Mid Limit Bitch (13,6a)

1st Somerton’s Kimwhany Hi-Jinx

2nd Falconer’sWestley Gabriella of Siatham

3rd Richardson’sLady Hillingdon of Turambar

Res Caisley’s Standfast Albertina

Vhc Jones’ Ninell Ciarah

Limit Bitch (20, 3a)

1st Peter’s Fairfield Fairlady of Filouise

2nd Poile’s Cherrimar Molly Coddle

3rd Brodie’s Ninell Adolicia At Chadzo

Res Hennessy & Sykes’ Ritzilyn Tickled Pink

Vhc Birkin’s Sansue Waterlily

Open Bitch (18, 7a)

1st Couldridge’sRomay Sweet Sophilia

2nd Birkin’sSansue Lolita

3rd Sparrow’s Oi Oi Garbank

Res Gowland & Gibbons’ Styal Snow Flake of Remington

Vhc Watkin’s Sh Ch Tamarley Triple Echo

Field Trial Bitch (2,1a)

1st Curd’s Ashleygold Western Sunset