Championship Show 3/3/1996

Dogs: Mrs M McKenna (Maressa)

Bitches: Mrs C Zingg ‘ Rayleas)

Referee: Mrs M Carnie (Chebula)

BIS: Burnett’s Rossbourne Quality Miss

BOS: Lambshead’s Muskan Most Likely

DCC: Lambshead’s Muskan Most Likely

RDCC: Kirby’s Ambergold Nobleman

BCC: Burnett’s Rossbourne Quality Miss

RBCC: Woodcock’s Sh Ch Stanroph Spring Fantasy

BPIS: Pratt’s Rosyth Spanish Gypsy

BVIS: Sparrow’s Sh Ch Oi Oi Garbank

Veteran Dog (6,1a)

1stCritten’s Narside New Beginning

2nd Wicklow’sMarquis Lad of Gillbryan

3rd Chandler’s Purbarn Keri Gold Too at Goldnorton

Res McDonald-Woord’s Sh Ch Starlance Wizard of Oz at Revelsgold

Vhc Jempson’s Sunspray Sirius Scott

Minor Puppy Dog (16,2a)

1st Edridge’sTilita Leading Light

2nd Richardson’sTurambar Evening Peace

3rd Viney’s Hillbeth Queens Diplomat of Twilly

Res Aveline’s Buckfold Naughty by Nature

Vhc Rains’ Stanroph Soft Shoe Shuffle

Puppy Dog (28,5a)

1st Clarke’sTrewater Trick O’the Light

2nd Lowe’sDavern Dream Lover

3rd Johnson’s Choriand Poetic Justice

Res Foreman’s Ambersun Sunny Boy

Vhc Hick’s Kerrien Band Master of Cornbrough

Junior Dog (32,6a)

1st Strudwick’s Burpham Moonshine

2nd James’Jamescroft Flaxen Sky Patrol

3rd Godefroy’s Fenwood Rupert

Res Gunner’s Keremma Washington

Vhc Bevis’ Starlance Moon River

Yearling Dog (19,1a)

1st Strudwick’s Burpham Moonshine

2ndRains’ Stanroph Shogun

3rd Gulliver’s Medodaine Class Hero

Res Crick’s Langsett Mad Impulse at Moorquest

Vhc Barker’sSteval Mickey Finn at Ivycrest

Maiden Dog (17,1a)

1stJames’ Jamescroft Flaxen Sky Patrol

2ndPounds-Longhurst’s Mossburn Moon River

3rd Godefroy’s Fenwood Rupert

Res Smith’s Shepedor Hi Joshua

Vhc Ellis’ Fitzford Chi Cheemaun

Novice Dog ((22,1a)

1st Lindsey’s Rochindan Bears Breeches at Chafforn

2nd James’Jamescroft Flaxen Sky Patrol

3rdPounds-Longhurst’s Mossburn Moon River

Res Godefroy’s Fenwood Rupert

Vhc Maynard’s Chinnordale Dudley

Undergraduate Dog (27,1a)

1stStrudwick’s Burpham Moonshine

2nd Kirby’s Ambergold Gypsy Rambler

3rd Bank’sKanteal Think Positive

Res James’ Jamescroft Flaxen Sky Patrol

Vhc Ashley’s Raykander Angus at Petabeck

Graduate Dog (25,4a)

1st Rose’sMotlaisa Commander-in-Chief at Gaytonwood

2nd Holloway’sCattrysse Lowry

3rd Burnett’sRossbourne Quest

Res Bank’s Kanteal Most Positive

Vhc Hawkes’ Jaybelene Shogun

Post Graduate Dog (22,4a)

1st Strudwick’sBurpham Dream Machine

2nd Tower & Early’sAlibren Soul Driver

3rd Everett-Monks’Maurfield Shogun at Lorinford

Res Tuck’s Tamsbrook Trouble At Sea

Vhc Walker’s Kensalroag Hairy Tare at Falkeshall

Minor Limit Dog (18,2a)

1st Kirby’s Ambergold Nobleman

2ndChandler’s Jaybelene Django at Goldnorton

3rd Lees’Denmarella Olympic Gold

Res Grant’s Lindjan Softly Softly of Ankera

Vhc Hay’s Ritzilyn Dorchester Dickie at Branjoy

Limit Dog (19,3a)

1st Edridge’s Tilita Syncopation

2ndMorris’ Sandusky Luke Skywalker

3rdBaldwin-DaviesBerrington Ambassador of Bellagold

Res Lade’s Hunterdean Highlander

Vhc Wright’s Kailzie Solo

Open Dog (9,1a)

1st Lambshead’sMuskan Most Likely

2nd Parish’s Rainscourt Fall Guy

3rd Rains’ Ch Millgreen Magnum

Res Yates’ Amirene Liberator at Delcott

Vhc McDonald-Wood’s Ch Revelsgold Sargeant Pepper

Veteran Bitch (14,3a)

1st Sparrow’s Sh Ch Oi Oi Garbank

2nd Couldridge’sRomay Sweet Sophilia

3rd Starkey’s Hannibrass Garoo Gimble

Res Walker & Roberts’ Gloi Dahlia

Vhc Ellis’ German Ch Unavale Kitywake of Tenfield

Minor Puppy Bitch (31,4a)

1st Wicklow’s Wyvan Unforgetable for Gillbryan

2nd Hagger’sFairfield First Lady

3rd McDonald-Wood’sTurambar Everlasting Song for Revelsgold

Res Ward’s Amberland Amanitan at Laurenley

Vhc Atha’s Torsinki Hello Gorgeous

Puppy Bitch (39,8a)

1st Pratt’s Rosyth Spanish Gypsy

2nd Falconer’sMulfield Gypsophila of Siatham

3rd Morss’Xanthos Guess Who

ResGarraway’s Millgreen Masquerade with Goldstreme

Vhc Muncey’s Kennelridge Pin Up Girl

Junior Bitch (45,17a)

1st Strudwick’s Burpham Moonmagic

2nd Jones’ Ninell Georgia

3rd Scott’sRossbourne Ursular at Largymore

Res Richardson’s Turambar Debonair Dancer

Vhc Barber’s Glenmoray Rubinia

Yearling Bitch (34,4a)

1st Buckingham’sStanroph Sierra Sapphire at Lindjan

2nd Strudwick’sBurpham Moonmagic

3rd JonesNinell Georgia

Res Sparrow’s Caoimhin Alannah

Vhc Wright & Owen’s Alveston Coracassia

Maiden Bitch (40,12a)

1st Jones’Ninell Georgia

2nd Scott’sRossbourne Ursular at Largymore

3rd Richardson’sTurambar Debonair Dancer

Res Barber’s Glenmoray Rubinia

Vhc Avery’s Sandicliffe Scarlet Holly

Novice Bitch (41,14a)

1st Jones’Ninell Georgia

2nd Scott’sRossbourne Ursular at Largymore

3rd Richardson’sTurambar Debonair Dancer

Res Barber’s Glenmoray Rubinia

Vhc Barrow’s Halebourne Three Wishes

Undergraduate Bitch (25,6a)

1st Strudwick’s Burpham Moonmagic

2nd Clarke’sOusevale Joelle

3rd Sparrow & Brightley’s Caoimhin Alannah

Res Barber’s Glenmoray Rubinia

Vhc Hattey’s Golcrest Good Morning M’Lady at Harteliana

Graduate Bitch (20,4a)

1st Hutchings’Canossa Sidonie

2nd Robinson’sAndred Jezebel

3rd Wicklow’sGillbryan or What You Will

Res Hewitson’s Seruilia Strike-a-Pose

Vhc Duncan’s Dunsaron Anna-Karissa

Post Graduate Bitch (29,5a)

1st Burnett’s Rossbourne Quality Miss

2nd Mannings’ Gatchells Calendar Girl

3rd James’Jamescroft K-Sera-Sera

Res Wood’s Brensham Katherine

Vhc Beauchamp’s Bolberry Fast and Loose

Minor Limit Bitch (16,5a)

1st Williams’ Alveston Corinthea

2nd Green’sPamgavin Shelrick Exceller

3rd Pounds-Longhurst’sMantlemas Scelina of Mossburn

Res Mackay’s Canaleigh Thunderstruck

Vhc Gell’s Fairfield Fiona of Leithfield

Limit Bitch (26,9a)

1st Jones’Ninell Danika

2nd Poile’sCherrimar Molly Coddle

3rd Bevis’Starlance Crystal Maze

Res Taylor’s Pandreft Sweet Pepper

Vhc Hagger’s Fairfield Fenella

Open Bitch (22,8a)

1stWoodcock’s Sh Ch Stanroph Spring Fantasy

2nd Wilkin’s Cinmarsh Cracker

3rd Jolly’s Sh Ch Kerrien C’est La Vie

Res Crick’s Ch Make Haste to Moorquest

Vhc Bargh’s Okus Destiny of Carasan