Championship Show 7/3/1982

Dogs: Miss R Wilcock (Camrose)

Bitches: Mrs B Lowe (Davern)

Referee: Mrs H Gibbs (Littlecombe)

BIS: Scholes’ Ch Styal Scott of Glengilde

DCC: Scholes’ Ch Styal Scott of Glengilde

RDCC: Ingram’sGoronne Artful Dodger of Barklands

BCC: Philpott’s Sh Ch Westley Mabella

RBCC: Weeks’Camrose Waterlyric of Beldonburn


Veteran Dog (4,1a)

1st Hardie’sSebastian of Eidrah

2nd Barrow’sDukesmead Emlyn of Halebourne

3rd Crump’sTeecon Highlander

Minor Puppy Dog (15,1a)

1st Quant’sLeemark Darius of Sequantus

2nd Woods’Janacre Hogan

3rd Balaam’sShandeen Sportsman

Res Gray’s Darris Double Diamond

Vhc Woolven’s Millcroft Gold Dust

Puppy Dog (16,’a)

1st Birkin’sSansue Terrain

2nd Palethorpe’sOrdart Delius

3rd Bevis’Starlance Laurel

Res Codd’s Ann’s Happy Lad

Vhc Keast’s Colinda Cornish Pride

Junior Dog (20,3a)

1st Scholes’Glengilde Statesman

2nd Birkin’sSansue Terrain

3rd Watts’Pengelli Invincible of Ramblyne

Res Ingram’s Barklands Liberator

Vhc Purchase’s Debrics Time Traveller

Special Yearling Dog (20,4a)

1st Scholes’Glengilde Statesman

2nd Watts’Pengelli Invincible of Ramblyne

3rd Anderson’s Linchael Casamayor

Res Purchase’s Debric’s Time Traveller

Vhc Rodgers’ Riella Sebastian

Novice Dog (27,4a)

1st Birkin’sSansue Terrain

2nd Curness’Squirrelsmead Zest

3rd Webb’sGwelo Thaddeus

Res Ingram’s Barklands Liberator

Vhc Dowsett’s Cattrysse Mr Chips

Undergraduate Dog (23,2a)

1st Watts’Pengelli Invincible of Ramblyne

2nd Curness’Squirrelsmead Zest

3rd Warner’sBramblewoods Tasha

Res Smith’s Loddonvale Lancelot

Vhc Rodgers’ Riella Sebastian

Graduate Dog (11,2a)

1s Warner’s Bramblewoods Tasha

2nd Sillence’s Canina Winter Berry

3rd Elsmore’sNinell Quester

Res Anderson’s Linchael Casamayor

Vhc Anderson’s Dukesmead Midas

Post Graduate Dog (13,’a)

1st Johnson’sNortonwood Marx

2nd Ingram’sEdgeley Bridemac Danny Boy

3rd Potts’Jucridor Golden Ulysses

Res Edwards’ Pengelli Harvey of Lovehayne

Vhc Warner’sBramblewoods Tasha

Limit Dog (5,1a)

1st Bennett’sGoronne Oliver Twist

2nd Tiranti’sPitcote Arcadian of Garthfield

3rd Tripptree’sBrambletyne Magnus

Res Weddell & Woods’ Littlecombe Herald

Open Dog (6,1a)

1st Scholes’Ch Styal Scott of Glengilde

2nd Burnett’sSh Ch Rossbourne Harvest Gold

3rd Wood’sCh Brensham Audacity

Res Crick’s Ch Moorquest Mugwump

Field Trial Dog (2,0a)

1st Ingram’sGoronne Artful Dodger of Barklands

2nd Hardie’sSebastian of Eidrah

Veteran Bitch (7,’a)

1st Davie’sTallyrand Trudi of Verdayne

2nd Bostridge’sCooksmill Sophie

3rd Blow’sWisteria of Watchingwell

Res Carnie’s Chebula’s Gina of Yeo

Vhc Hansell’s Auroraglow Shandy

Minor Puppy Bitch (19,’a)

1st Seamarks’ Goronne Naughty But Nice

2nd Edwards’ Lovehayne Anika

3rd Hennessy’s Ritzilyn Golden Dawn

Res Spratt’s Unavale Disco Dancer

Vhc Morris & Day’s Darris Hominique

Puppy Bitch (31,’a)

1st Phipps’Ordart Delightful Lady

2nd Key’sHeronscroft Spring Melody

3rd Seamarls’Goronne Naughty But Nice of Rajoma

Res Townley’s Starlance Magnolia of Goldenspice

Vhc Spratt’s Unavale Dream Dolly

Junior Bitch (30,’a)

1st Everett’sLorinford Playgirl

2nd Burnett’sRossbourne Abbotsford Hope

3rd Johns’Perrimay Parramatty

Res Tripptree’s Brambletyne Magic Spell

Vhc Ward’s Debric’s Hope Of Fernavy

Special Yearling Bitch (25,’a)

1st Weeks’ Camrose Frangipani of Beldonburn

2nd Balaam’sPinecrest Susannah

3rd Burnett’sRossbourne Abbotsford Hope

Res Bailey’s Styal Serendipity Of Diadon

Vhc Austin’s Greatoaks Maryke

Novice Bitch (40,’a)

1st Everett’sLorinford Playgirl

2nd Bentley’sHilorose Annabelle

3rd Nicholl’sSandusky Caterina

Res Holmes’ Beaconholm Alfresca

Vhc Austin’s Greatoaks Maryke

Undergraduate Bitch (23,’a)

1st Hewitson’sLoddonvale Hurricane of Serulia

2nd Wicklow’sGillbryan Gwendoline

3rd Newton’sJenric Cornelia

Res Burnett’s Rossbourne Abbotsford Hope

Vhc Tripptree’s Brambletyne Tapestry

Graduate Bitch (12,’a)

1st Johnson’s Jenric Coralinda

2nd Edwards’Sansue Pepper of Lovehayne

3rd Pounds’Mossburn Skotchmist

Res Bailey’s Styal Serendipity of Diadon

Vhc Camm’s Colleyhare Caninda Of Canossa

Post Graduate Bitch (17,’a)

1st Morris & Day’sSandusky Brigitta of Darris

2nd Woods’Littlecombe Hebe of Janacre

3rd Potts’Jucridor Yours Forever

Res Bennett’s Goronne Sch-You-Know-Who

Vhc Chalkley’s Goldsheen Jae Of Pondcroft

Limit Bitch (19,1a)

1st Weeks’Camrose Waterlyric of Beldonburn

2nd Brown’sStarlance Wine N Roses

3rd Baines’Wedford Elderberry Tart

Res Burren’s Rodos Camilla

Vhc Jones’ Ninell Dulcette

Open Bitch (6,1a)

1st Philpott’s ShCh Westley Mabella

2nd Bevis’ Deerflite Fame of Starlance

3rd Blow’sWisteria of Watchingwell

Res Hansell’s Auroraglow Crispa

Vhc Carpenter’s Thenford Edelweiss

Field Trial Bitch (4,1a)

1st Hardie’sRayleas Spring Song

2nd Andrews’Sheer Silk of Yeo from Catcombe

3rd Ault’sCatcombe Cabriole