obedience results 2003 results

Southern Golden Retriever Society Results


Obedience Results March 2003

Judges: Mrs. J Harknett Pre Beginners And Novice; Mrs. J. Sterne Beginners And Class “B”; Mrs. J. Heard Classes “A” & “C”.


1st Farnham’s Millwater Evening Emba

2nd Booth’s Gillbryan Poacher Of Lyffe

3rd Jarrett’s Allsaints Lucky Star

4th Kirk’s Pepsanner Morgan Le Fay

5th Brown & Ashley’s Terjack Lady Angelica

6th Jenner’s Rumwood Renegade


1st Hampton’sAbnalls Estelle Of Pascho

2nd Pett’sGunhills Marching Matilda To Rumwood

3rd Bennett’s Lornkara Gadabout

4th Harding’sDeremar Willow

5th Weller’s Shepedor Tyner Magic Of Poperinge

6th Scholey’s Cattrysse Jazzman


1st Thurkettle’sMini Maize

2nd Rodger’s Pepsanner Britannic

3rd Kirk’s Pepsanner Hobbit Elliot

4th Milford’s Cassatess Elgar

5th Bennett’s Lornkara Gadabout

6th Beech’s Lornkara Guardsman

Class “A”

1st Kirk’s Pepsanner Hobbit Elliot

2nd Strachan’s Pepsanner Camellia

3rd West’sBurnthill Topaz At Roca

4th Strachan’s Pepsanner Maid Marion

5th Sage’sPepsanner Jeanie Deans

Class “B”

1st Jackson’s Wiselandhill Heavenly Star

2nd Chant’s Lornkara Melody Maker

3rd Beech’s Lornkara Guardsman

4th Strachan’s Pepsanner Camellia

5th Jefferey’s Cassatess Bion’s Quest Cdex, Udex, Wdex, Tdex

6th Lavender’s Rayleas Kerikeri For Peredhil

Class “C”

1st Wynn-Jones’ Pepsanner Spitfire

2nd Diplock’sPepsanner Jubilee Queen

3rd Jackson’s Wiselandhill Heavenly Star

4th Thurkettle’s Mini Ash

5th Randall’s Kizimyjo Dazzling Lass

6th Beech’sLornkara Music Man Ow

Limited Obedience Show Results 26th October 2003



1st Scholey’s Cattrysse Jazzman


1st Porter’s Hector Of Carrisbrooke TDEX


1st Saunder’s Millwater Diplomat

Class ‘A’

1st Jackson’s Wiselandhill Heavenly Star

Class ‘B’

1st Kirk’s Pepsanner Hobbie Elliot

Class ‘C’

1st Clark’s Tamanique Wizardry at Large