Limited Obedience Show Results 4th March 2002

Pre-Beginners -Judge Mr T. Poupard

1st Menter’sBrodene Loyal Lady

2nd Holmes & Camp’s Brise Tacitus

3rd Allen’sHydanthe Putting On The Ritz At Tinuviel

4th Smith’s Tiger Of Hogerty Hill

5th Brown’s Terjack Lady Angelica

Beginners -Judge Mr D. Wynne-Jones

1st Brown’s Treacle Delight

2nd Kempson’s Goldsmill Hawaiian Welcome

3rd Saunders’Millwater Diplomat

4th Pett’sGunhills Marching Matilda To Rumwood

5th Robinson’s Petabeck Morse Code

Novice -Judge Mr T. Poupard

1st Strachan’s Pepsanner Camelia

2nd Clarke’s Pepsanner Butler Henderson

3rd Saunders’ Millwater Diplomat

4th Rodger’s Pepsanner New Star

5th Law’sRoyalcharm Golden Ivy

Class ‘A’ -Judge Miss J. O’Brien

1st Reynolds’ Kizimyjo Canary Royal

2nd Sage’s Pepsanner Jeannie Deans

3rd West’sBurnthill Topaz At Roca

4th Clarke’sThornygold Pervinca

5th Strachan’s Pepsanner Maid Marion

Class ‘B’ -Judge Mr D. Wynne-Jones

1st Randall’s Kizimyjo Golden Snowflake

2nd West’sBurnthill Topaz At Roca

3rd Strachan’s Pepsanner Camelia

4th Clarke’sthornygold Pervinca

5th Sage’sPepsanner Jeannie Deans

Class ‘C’- Judge – Miss J O’Brien

1st Cook’s Athyrium Valantine

2nd Randall’s Kizimyjo Dazzling Lass

3rd Beech’s Lornkara Music Man

4th Clark’sTamanique Wizardry At Large

5th Randall’s Kizimyjo Golden Snowflake

Limited Obedience Show 26th October 2002

Pre Beginners Judge: Mrs A Strachan (22 entries)

1st Weller’s Shepedor Tyner Magic

2nd Pett’s Rumwood Regal Reward

3rd Camp & Holmes’ Brise Tacitus

ResBooth’s Gillbryan Poacher of Lyffe

VHC Brown & Ashley’s Terjack Lady Angelica TAF

Beginners Judge: Mr J. McNeal (21 entries)

1st Saunders’Millwater Diplomat

2nd Pett’s Gunhills Marching Matilda to Rumwood

3rdKimberley’s Friendborn Chaos in Gold

Res Kirk’s Pepsanner Morgan Le Fay

VHC Booth’s Gillbryan Poacher of Lyffe

Novice Judge Mrs A Strachan (26 entries)

1stWakeman’s Pepsanner Turbo Motive

2nd Clarke’s Pepsanner Butler Henderson

3rdAppleton’s Pepsanner Cadbury Castle

Res Neale’s Pepsanner Lady Victoria

VHCRodger’sPepsanner New Star

Class “A” Judge: Mr P. Marchant (11 entries)

1stWynne-Jones’ Pespanner Pathfinder

2nd Brown’s Treacle Delight

3rdFerris’Pepsanner Royal Signal

Res Neale’sPepsanner Lady Victoria

VHCAppleton’s Pepsanner Cadbury Castle

Class “B” Judge: Mr. J. McNeal (10 entries)

1stRandall’s Kizimy Jo Golden Snowflake

2nd Randall’sKizimy Jo Dazzling Lass

3rdWakeman’s Pepsanner Turbo Motive

Res Clarke’s Thornygold Pervinca

VHCBennett’s Pepsanner Butler Henderson

Class “C” Judge: Mr. P. Marchant (6entries)

1stRandall’s Kizimy Jo Dazzling Lass

2nd Wynne-Jones’Pepsanner Spitfire

3rdRandall’s Kizimy Jo Golden Snowflake