Obedience Show Results 2015

Southern Golden Retriever Society Results

Obedience Show 2015 Results

Limited Obedience Show 15th August 2015

Miss H. Scoggins: Introductory & Beginners Classes
Mr M. Moloney: Pre‐Beginners, Novice & “A” Classes

Critique for Introductory & Beginners Classes

Critique for Special Beginners, Novice and A Classes


1st Pounds-Longhurst’s Ruby
2nd Lidinson’s Evergolden Wizards Majic
3rd Richardson’s Sarama Summer Song
4th Jankelow’s Jacob
5th Thomas’s Blaise
6th Brimley’s Charlie
7th Lawton’s Honey

Pre Beginners (26, 1A)

1st Tom’s Juliolian Bobby
2nd Lidinson’s Evergolden Wizards Majic
3rd Allen’s Fatima Fantastic
4th Richardson’s Sarama Summer Song
5th Jankelow’s Mochavulin Hannah of Paddocks
6th Tom’s Tinuviel Lorindol


1st Benefield’s Summer
2nd Jarrett’s Gilly
3rd Debbie’s Penny
4th Lidinson’s Jasper
5th Mike’s Leesi
6th Wimsett’s Paschabelle

Novice (10, 0A)

1st Menter’s Varches Summertime
2nd Holmes’ Diranean Babanango Valley
3rd Ashley’s Maluraya Miltonduff at Petabeck
4th Menter’s Varches Topaz Jewel
5th Kimberley’s Friendborn Eleganza
6th Abbey’s Lestorm Alberich

A Class (5, 0A)

1st Holmes’ Diranean Babanango Valley
2nd Ashley’s Maluraya Miltonduff at Petabeck
3rd Kimberley’s Friendborn Eleganza
4th Menter’s Varches Summertime
5th Menter’s Varches Topaz Jewel