On: Sunday 28th October 1990

Judge  Mr Ron Hare (Rojillair)

BIS: Ross’ Rosinante Arraminta Of Sokenlea 

BOSIS: Godefroy’s Riella Thaddeus

BVIS: Everett-Monks’ Lorinford Playgirl

BPIS: Sillence’s Ashlyn Emerald

Special Veteran  Dog Or Bitch (13)

1st Everett-Monks’  Lorinford Playgirl

2nd  Hewitson’s Loddonvale Hurricane

3rd  Wood’s Camrose Fidelity Of Brensham

Res Randall’s Canossa Letitia Of Tolamee

Vhc Gray’s Villeas Candelaria

Minor Puppy Dog (17)

1st Wise’s Wiselandhill Casper

2nd  Dean’s Cherrimar Max A Million

3rd  Cannon’s Cantel Cannon’s Lad

Res Wilkes’ Seruilia Secret Ambition

Vhc Muncey’s Kennelridge Heritage

Puppy Dog (13)

1st Wise’s Wiselandhill Casper

2nd  Rains’ Narside You’ve Got It

3rd  Marrow’s Mycida Merry Gentleman Of Medulla

Res Ashley’s Petabeck Mackintosh

Vhc Barrow & Moon’s Okus Casanova At Twojays

Junior Dog (8)

1st Burtenshaw’s Tilita Steely Dan

2nd  Richardson’s Auracam Benjamen

3rd  Wilson’s Tilita Gypsy King

Res Clements’ Ninell Choreographer

Vhc Muncey’s Kennelridge Veni Vidi Vici

Special Yearling Dog (11)

1st Doe’s Chaesgold Remember Me

2nd  Burtenshaw’s Tilita Steely Dan

3rd  Richardson’s Auracam Benjamen

Res Marcham’s Bridgefarm Irwin

Vhc Williams’ Rockiani Of Shandida

Maiden Dog (4)

1st Clements’ Ninell Choreographer

2nd  Ashley’s Petabeck Mackintosh

3rd  Titler’s Siatham Odyssey

Res Rawlingson’s Carstoke Wonderstorm

Novice Dog (8)

1st Doe’s Chaesgold Remember Me

2nd  Burtenshaw’s Tilita Steely Dan

3rd  Ashley’s Petabeck Mackintosh

Res Muncey’s Kennelridge Veni Vidi Vici

Vhc    Titler’s Siatham Odyssey

Undergraduate Dog (12)

1st Taylor’s Verdayne Icarus At Pandreft

2nd  Doe’s Chaesgold Remember Me

3rd  Marcham’s Bridgefarm Irwin

Res Ambler & High’s Pandreft Bedevere

Vhc Williams’ Rockiani Of Shandida

Graduate Dog (8)

1st Taylor’s Verdayne Icarus At Pandreft

2nd  Mackay’s Canaleigh Solitaire

3rd  Gray’s Villeas Little Nemo

Res Foster’s Aeavendale Allo Arry

Vhc Gargan’s Golmas Gioberti

Post Graduate Dog (11)

1st Godefroy’s Riella Thaddeus

2nd  Sillence’s Fenwood Jagger Of Canina

3rd  Tyler’s  Tilita Indian Imperial

Res Carder’s Tilita Benedick At Timarick

Vhc Burtenshaw’s Tilita Purple Sage

Open Dog (6)

1st Tyler’s Tilita Golden Oriole

2nd  Morris & Day’s Darris Double Oseven

3rd  Goodger’s Millwater Dazzler

Res Parish’s Tilita Virgil Of Chantal

Vhc Tiranti & Crumps’ Stubblesdown Reaper Of Garthfield

Minor Puppy Bitch (17)

1st Everett-Monks’ Lorinford Lovestory

2nd  Beck’s Marketsheath April’s Kiss

3rd  Shepard’s Glenhaven Sovereign

Res Cannon’s Cantel National Velvet

Vhc Mackay’s Canaleihg Patience

Puppy Bitch (9)

1st Sillence’s Ashlyn Emerald

2nd  Slade’s Cornsilk Careless Whisper

3rd  Trainor & Sear’s Muskan Mystic Melody Of Fadius

Res Woolcott’s Sequotia Athena

Vhc Thompson & Kirby’s Goldenwheat Christmas Rose

Junior Bitch (15)

1st Edridge’s Tilita Super Tramp

2nd  Chambers’ Tilita Rose Tattoo

3rd  Pavitt’s Aesco Coppelia

Res Taylor’s Pandreft Sweet Sincerity

Vhc Pavitt’s Aesco Waltzing Matilda

Special Yearling Bitch (18)

1st Everett-Monks’ Lorinford Anastasia

2nd  Woods’ Brensham Johanna 

3rd  Edridge’s Tilita Super Tramp

Res Moon’s Halebourne Molly Malone Of Jamoon

Vhc Ennis’ Ramchaine Surely Me

Maiden Bitch (14)

1st Chambers’ Tilita Rose Tattoo

2nd  Pavitt’s Aesco Coppelia

3rd  Taylor’s Pandreft Sweet Sincerity

Res Pavitt’s Aesco Waltzing Matilda

Vhc Foster’s Aevendale Inspiration

Novice Bitch (20)

1st Taylor’s Pandreft Sweet Sincerity

2nd  Anscombe’s Bramblebriar Amethyst Of Bramblewood

3rd  Gray’s Millein Midnight Millisa Of Villeas

Res Wenlock’s Nosam First Dimension

Vhc Ross’  Sokenlea Scruples

Undergraduate Bitch (21)

1st Clements’ Seruilia Sweet Success

2nd  Ashley’s Petabeck Sugar Puff

3rd  Atha’s Torskini Spirit Of Gold

Res Williams’ Brinwell Springs

Vhc Mercer’s Penricel Catch The Wind

Graduate Bitch (14)

1st Balaam’s Leithfield Evita Of Pinecrest

2nd  Morris & Day’s Darris Double Or Quits

3rd  Ashley’s Petabeck Sugar Puff

Res Green’s Spadale Springtime

Vhc Atha’s Torskini Spirit Of Gold

Post Graduate Bitch (13)

1st Wilson’s Marguerite Maid Of Gillbryan

2nd  Cannon’s Cantel Francesca

3rd  Pounds-Longhurst’s Mantlemas Scelina Of Mossburn

Res Falconer’s Siatham Symposia

Vhc Couldridge’s Romay Sweet Sophilia

Open Bitch (7)

1st Ross’ Rosinante Arraminta Of Sokenlea

2nd  Couldridge’s Goldstrahl Fidelity Of Romay

3rd  Clark’s Topflite Amethyst Delight

Res Trainor & Sear’s Styal Scottische Of Fadius

Vhc Tricker’s Lucinda Of Squirrels Dray At Artemisia

Special Open Dog Or Bitch (3)

1st Carder’s Timarick Alexander

2nd  Lavender’s Rayleas Chorister Of Peredhil