Working Test Results 2015

Southern Golden Retriever Society Results WORKING TEST RESULTS

Sunday 9th August 2015 and Sunday 30th August 2015

The Southern Golden Retriever Society held a Special Puppy, Veteran, Novice and Open Working Test on Sunday 9th August 2015 at Puddledock Farm, Chartwell, Kent by kind invitation of Mrs Anne CAIRNES.

The Judges were Mr David BARNES’ Mrs Toni SANDERS and Mr Neil FRANKLIN.

Special Puppy

1stv Mrs Sue JORDAN with her Bitch Tullysedge My Belle Nell                                                    79/80
2nd Mrs. Ann DAVIS with her Dog Croffley Scrumptious                                                              51/80


1st Mrs. Tricia ADAMS with her Dog Ardyle All Starr                                                                   77/80
2nd Mrs. Ann STRACHAN with her Bitch Frizlewood Anisha                                                       76/80
3rd Mr. Ray HARDIE with his Dog Eskylane Master Spice                                                            74/80
4th Mrs. Gillian CLARK with her Dog Carishill Regan Handled by Mrs. Ann GLADWIN              73/80


1st Mr. RoyWORT with his Dog Auro Rimu                                                                                  95/100
2nd Mrs. Sue POUNDS-LONGHURST with her Bitch Brodene Tempestivity to Mossburn          82/100
3rd Mrs. Irene BIRD with her Dog Blanerob Barra                                                                        68/100
4th Mrs. Audrey WORT with her Bitch Auro Nikan                                                                      49/100


1st Mrs. Sue JACKSON with her Dog Largymore MacCallan                                                       98/100
2nd Mr  Martens OLIVIER with his Dog Ikoran off Quinbessie                                                      95/100
3rd Mrs. Tricia ADAMS with her Dog Ardyle Cotillion    (after Run off)                                         95/100
4th Mrs. Mary Quincey with her Bitch Wadesmill Apple                                                                 94/100
C.O.M. Mr. Jon DEBNAM with his Bitch Lillieburn Coln Point Peg  (after run off)                         94/100

The Southern Golden Retriever Society held a Training Day for S/Beginners and ND/NH incorporating a working Test on Sunday 30th August 2015 at Ad Astra, Crowhurst, Surrey by kind permission of Mr M and Mrs H EVANS.

The Trainers /Judges were Mrs Jean BAVEYSTOCK and Mrs Carole CARTER.

Special Beginners

1st. Mr David JARRETT with his Bitch Maluraya Mozart.                                                              79/80
2nd. Mrs Karen MENTER with her Bitch Varches Summertime       (after run off)                          79/80
3rd. Mr David WIMSETT with his Bitch Palharvest Autumnal Gold                                                78/80
4th. Mr Mike EVANS with his Bitch Qumaara Khaleesi                                                                 75/80

Novice Dog/Novice Handler

1st. Mr Bill WARNETT with his Dog Panda Paws Brigand                                                             78/80
2nd. Mrs Gillian CLARK with her Dog Carishill Regan                                                                   75/80
3rd. Mrs Ann BENEFIELD with her Bitch Coombstock Snow in Summer                                      67/80
4th. Mrs Jennifer RUSH with her Bitch Tiltham St Maarten                                                             66/80