Working Test Results 2019

Southern Golden Retriever Society Results

Report for Working Test 28th July 2019
The Society held its final working test of the year at Deerbridge House, Elstead, Surrey, with kind permission of Mr John and Mrs Liz BARNES on Sunday 28th July 2019. Our Judges for the day were Mrs Elizabeth TAYLOR and Mrs Sue JORDAN.
We were very pleased to welcome 4 competitors from Belgium and as you can see from the results below they made a very good impression by getting into the awards.
We had a very good entry of 44 dogs for the whole day.
The morning session consisted of 3 special puppies and 17 Novices, each class completing four tests.
The results were as follows:-
Special Puppy.
Unfortunately there were no awards given in this class.

1st.  Mrs Toni SANDERS with her bitch Tarinomagh Lin.                                                76/80
2nd. Mr Armand DE ROOVER with his dog Think Twice Zinger                                     74/80
3rd. Mr Michel SANTENS with his dog Thorn Mill Proud Paddington                             73/80
4th. Mrs Carole CARTER with her dog. Azteca Final Alliance                                          70/80
The judges decided NOT to award any Certificates of Merit

The afternoon session consisted of 8 Veterans and 16 open dogs.

1st.  Mrs Patricia KIRCHSTEIN-ADAMS with her dog Ardyle Cotillion                         76/80
2nd. Mrs Jacquie CREW with her dog Echobrook Dexster                                                 73/80
No Other awards were available

1st.  Mrs Helen BURNIE with her dog Tulleysedge Matchmaker                                      76/80
2nd. Mrs Keith BROOMFIELD with his dog Polihale Vodka surprise (after run off)       76/80
3rd. Mrs Jean BAVEYSTOCK with her bitch Polihale Bucks Fizz at Baveybuilt             74/80
4th. Mrs Jacquie CREW with her dog Hanans Kertis                                                         73/80

Many thanks to all of the people who helped out on  the day including the dummy throwers, guns, stewards and caterers who looked after the helpers and hosts so well.
There is always a need for helpers on the day of any working test throughout the season and if anyone out there would like to go on our list of helpers, please do get in touch with the working test secretary or any member of your committee and you can be added to the list for future reference.

Ray Gait
Working Test Secretary

Report for ND/NH and Novice W/Test 12/5/19

The Society held a working test for ND/NH and Novices, in conjunction with the Southern Flatcoat Club, with our Society hosting the event this year. We held the test at Parklands, Ewshott, Farnham, with the kind Permission of Susette WATTS, who has been a good friend to the Society over many years.
Our Judges for the day were Mr Chris ROSE, Mrs Joy VENTURI – ROSE and Mr James REAVIL who kindly stepped in at the last minute to join our other two judges for the Novice test in the afternoon.

The day began with the ND/NH with a very respectable entry of 12 with no withdrawals. They completed 4 tests in this session and the judges were extremely helpful to all the competitors giving advice as they completed each test. The competitors were very grateful for the input from both Judges.

The results were as follows:-
1st Mrs Jane MCILWRAITH with her Golden Ret bitch Tulleysedge Elsa’s Gold                         80/80
2nd Mrs Hazel PORTER with her Golden Ret bitch Rosgar Dusky Decadence                               70/80
3rd Mrs Jen TUCKFIELD with her Golden Ret bitch Belarni Moi Meisje                                       63/80    
4th Mrs Judith HART with her Flat Coat bitch Gayplume Cotton Candy                                        63/80
No Certificates of Merit were awarded on this occasion.

The afternoon saw the novice test take place. We had a total of 29 entries for this event with a good spread of both Golden Retrievers and Flat Coat Retrievers in the field. There were 4 withdrawals and there were 2 dogs running not for competition. They were split into 3 groups with each judge taking a particular test. The test were all of double retrieves and therefore, although there were only 3 tests each dog had 6 retrieves to complete.

The results were as follows:-
1st Mrs Vivienne GATTER with her Flat Coat bitch Gowran Isolde                                               59/60
2nd Mrs Helen BIRNIE with her Golden Ret dog Heasley Drive Golden Miller of Copperburn     57/60
3rd Mrs Carole CARTER with her Golden Ret dog Azteca Final Alliance                                      54/60
4th Mr M.E. SAUNDERS with his Golden Ret dog Gortons Falcon Flyer                                     54/60
There were 3 certificates of merit awarded:-
Mrs Sarah YOUNG with her Flat Coat bitch Boresisle Arabella Allen for Larksburn
Mrs Robin MITCHELL with her Golden Ret bitch Ch Tashsheen Martinique JW
Mrs Sarah BOND with her Golden Ret dog Tulleysedge Crofters Gold

As always a big big thankyou to all the helpers on the day as without them it would not be possible to run an event of this nature.

Ray Gait
Working Test Secretary

Report for Training Day and Special Beginner Working Test Sunday 28th April 2019
The Society held a training day on Sunday 28th April 2019 at Ad Astra with kind permission of Mr Mike and Mrs Hazel EVANS. Our trainers were Mrs Ann GLADWIN and Mr James REAVIL.
We had a total of 29 Students for the morning training session. The absolute beginners were instructed by Ann Gladwin, with the more experienced being instructed by James Reavil. There was a 2 hour session and after lunch the s/beginners w/test took place.


The results were as follows:-
1st   Mr Andy HALE with his bitch Kensteen Sencha                                                         7780
2nd  Mr David WIMSETT with his bitch Rosgar Coconut Bellini                                      74/80
3rd  Mrs Hazel PORTER with her bitch Rosgar Dusky Decadence                                    70/80
4th  Mr Stephen HEWITT with his dog Dikeadaze Cheeky Chap.                                     65/80
There were two Certificates of Merit awarded to :-
Mrs Charlotte LOVE with her dog Sandy Alstonia                                                            61/80
Mrs Sue FRANCIS with her bitch Tiltham Isla Sants Lucia at Velvenya                          61/80

Ray Gait
Working Test Secretary